The U.S. fenestration industry has ended a year of flat growth, and 2024 looks to be a bit more positive overall. However, expectations are mixed depending on the segment, according to the recently released 2024 Door and Window Industry Outlook from Key Media & Research.

Construction Market

New single-family construction starts, a key indicator of door and window demand in new construction, should improve moderately in 2024 after two years of declining. Each region in the U.S. saw a notable decline in single-family construction starts over the past two years.

New multifamily housing unit starts, another key indicator of door and window demand in new construction, peaked in 2022 and will continue a downward trajectory through 2024.

Remodeling activity, a key indicator of door and window replacement demand, peaked in the middle of 2023 and will settle back in 2024.

Residential Fenestration Demand

Overall demand for residential-style windows in the U.S., on a number-of-units basis, contracted in 2023 after peaking in 2022. Volume demand should remain somewhat flat over the next several years.

Despite lukewarm sentiments about the current business environment, dealers and manufacturers enter 2024 with improved sales expectations compared to the previous year.

Other Notables

KMR’s Fenestration Materials Price Index shows prices in the industry have stabilized over the past several quarters after two years of significant increases.

A majority of manufacturers increased their production capacity in 2023 and plan to do the same in 2024. They continue to maintain a comparable capacity utilization rate as in recent years.

This article is a small excerpt from the 2024 Door and Window Industry Outlook, a comprehensive look at the state of the U.S. residential fenestration industry. The 20-page report provides relevant data, perceptions and analysis to give suppliers, retailers, contractors and other affiliates a sense of the industry’s well-being in 2024. To purchase the full report, click here. Use the promo code DWM25 for 25% off.

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