Maximizing the value of your door and window systems requires taking a close look at every part of your production processes. Whether it’s the efficiency with which you manufacture your systems, the technology you deploy to upsell your customers, or the quality consistency you’re able to maintain, there’s always something to improve upon on the shop floor.

No door or window system is complete without an important component: screens. Simply expected by homeowners but often grumbled about by manufacturers, screens have a number of implications for your plant floor operations and your bottom line. They can be tricky to make, requiring significant labor and resources, and traditionally aren’t expected to add much in the way of value to your fenestration offerings.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And that brings us to today’s tip:

Rethink your strategy for screens.

I’ve written before about why it can be a sound operational strategy to outsource certain parts of your production. Screens, specifically, represent a good opportunity.

Why? Because making screens is a labor-intensive process. At the common size of 1/16 inch, successful fabrication can take up significant time and effort from your technicians. Screens can also be easily ripped or damaged, making production and packaging a critical consideration. Screens can also slow down your overall production volume. For example, if you’re making 600 windows per day but can only manage to make 500 screens for those windows, that means you’re only able to ship 500 orders to your customers.

But working with a reliable outsourcing partner for screens can functionally eliminate these issues from your shop floor, all while enabling you to capitalize on new opportunities with high-performance screens technology.

Additionally, your screens partner may be able to deliver even greater value for you and your customers. For example, advanced screens technology and mesh upgrades can offer clearer views, better longevity, and even enhanced security, which can be especially impactful as homeowners increasingly look for ways to improve the security of their homes.

These features represent a new way for manufacturers to differentiate themselves and upsell to homeowners. Screens made with high-performance, high-tensile mesh technology have the potential to deliver outstanding durability, standing up to pets and humans, providing consumers a screen system that they can enjoy for a lifetime. Higher-quality meshes can also be paired with other security-enhancing features, including multipoint lock systems designed to resist common forced entry tools used by would-be intruders.

You can help to change the perception of the value of door and window screens while helping to elevate the quality of screen offerings for the fenestration market. It may be the perfect opportunity to explore an unfulfilled market within your region of business or help deliver greater efficiency on your plant floor. It’s worth considering, especially as we look ahead to busy season.

John Ryba is Technical Services Manager for Quanex.

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