The Earthwise Group, a nationwide manufacturing network that produces vinyl doors and windows, recently welcomed the addition of U.S. Energy Windows in Las Vegas, Nevada.

U.S. Energy Windows has multiple locations throughout the southwest and is a manufacturer of windows for desert environments.

“I believe that by joining the Earthwise Group, U.S. Energy Windows will improve its ability to provide high-quality windows to all of the markets we serve,” Todd Kralik, the owner of U.S. Energy Window, says. “As a manufacturer that serves geographically diverse markets in the Southwest, The Earthwise Group’s commitment to optimizing windows for each local climate is something that stood out to our team.”

The Earthwise Group is comprised of 14 strategically positioned window manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Mark Davis, executive director of The Earthwise Group, underscores the significance of this regional manufacturing strategy, stating, “We supply our customers with windows and doors that are custom manufactured to perform best in their local environment, and our regional manufacturing strategy makes that possible.”

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