The new year stands before us waiting to be written. As we stand on the threshold, the significance of innovation in shaping the trajectory of our businesses cannot be overstated. The year 2024 is not just a continuation of the past; it’s a blank page waiting to be filled with bold strokes of creativity and resilience.

In this era, innovation isn’t merely a buzzword; it has become the very heartbeat of our endeavors and redefines our success.

At the core of this transformation lies the need for visionary goals. Visionary goals challenge the status quo, inspiring teams to reach for the stars and achieve product and build scenarios once deemed impossible. As we adapt to the new energy and carbon rules, and the demands of housing shortages we must set goals that will bring our customers new windows and doors that will improve the buildings we must build. One of the tools that was nearly unheard of just 12 months ago is artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM), which have taken over the innovation landscape. Much like the all-hands-on-deck status for the vendor catastrophe of 2021, we now need the same for AI implementation and goal setting. Falling behind in this critical area will punish your business. Forbes magazine summarizes this well.

Understanding that AI will explode in 2024, we must also be very diligent about product innovation. We must refocus our efforts into creating new products. The realization that we have reached the end of an era with the normal window designs of the last 15 years is upon us. Some companies are jumping ahead with well thought out designs to maintain affordability and add superior energy performance. It’s encouraging to see many reasonably priced iterations of electrochromics coming to market, along with ideas for lower cost multi-pane insulating glass (IG). Innovative ideas to use new materials in framing and new types of insulation materials on and in frames and sashes are on the near horizon as well.

We also must rethink our doors and windows as complete systems that also include interior insulating, privacy and information, along with exterior panels, security and illumination. Windows need to play a much bigger part of every home and building. See some other ideas at The Fenestration Innovation Network on Linkedin.

In the near future we will also have many more options, as noted in this important article about new materials that could fuel future technologies.

The symbiotic relationship between innovation and visionary goals is the driving force to increase your success in 2024. Successful organizations are not merely reacting to change; they are actively shaping it. As we embark on the journey of 2024, the convergence of innovation, visionary goals, sustainability, and creativity is steering the course of businesses towards uncharted horizons. The heartbeat of our businesses is innovation and embracing these challenges will reward you and your organization.

Keep innovating!

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