The back half of 2023 was certainly exciting. Though I’m not sure if exciting is the right word to use. With a government shutdown looming yet again, the stock market finishing on a high note for the year, interest rates expected to come down this year, and conflict around the world (just to name a handful of things), it’s easy to get caught up.

I have mentioned this in prior blogs, but sometimes it is just best to ignore the news. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to things happening around you, or that you shouldn’t care, but your primary focus should always be on what you can control. And the one piece of advice I offer everyone is you are the one who controls your attitude, your mindset and your willingness to take on the day.

There is always going to be something going on. There is always going to be some excuse that can be used. But your mindset and attitude are what will allow you to succeed or fail. As an example, if we look at the COVID-19 outbreak, this was something everyone was nervous about at the beginning, but it actually created historic growth in our industry.

Now, on the back end of this, and with all the chaos out there, it is more important than ever to control your own attitude. It is easy to be negative, and “doom and gloom,” and this is the way a lot of people will think. But there are plenty of opportunities out there for growth if you focus on the right things.

Having worked with hundreds of salespeople over the years, I noticed there was always a fine line between success and mediocrity. Having the right mindset and having a “can do” attitude was one of the handful of differentiators out there. Embracing your situation instead of lamenting it makes all the difference and will separate you from the pack. Depending on which way you go—positive or negative—this is the difference between success and mediocrity!

Great selling!

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  1. Very true Mr. Schwartz.

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