As the year wraps up, [DWM] takes a look back at the year and tallies our top stories over the last 12 months. At the top of the list is a lawsuit involving a big name in the business, but facility closures and acquisitions collectively dominated the list. Readers kept the list pretty well-rounded, with Energy Star only making the Top 10 list once—in regards to legislation—along with a new manufacturing announcement and one economy-related company decision. Only one recall made the list, as did one story celebrating members of the window replacement industry. Without further ado, the Top 10 [DWM] stories of 2023 were:

1. Boston Window & Door Accuses Pella of Trying to Put It Out of Business (November 30)
For Massachusetts-based Pella dealership Boston Window & Door, the partnership with its parent company has soured, leading to a court case and the most read story on [DWM] this year.

2. Jeld-Wen to Close Manufacturing Facility in Atlanta (January 27)
Jeld-Wen Holdings’ plans to close a manufacturing facility in Atlanta was the first of two facility-closing stories to make the Top 10 list.

3. New Law in Colorado to Require Energy Star-Rated Doors and Windows (June 28)
Despite considerable coverage, the only time Energy Star—and the new Energy Star 7.0 requirements—made the list was when a new law focusing on environmental standards was announced in Colorado. The law is set to take effect in January 2026 and requires all residential structures three stories or lower to use Energy Star-rated products.

4. U.S. News & World Report Tags ‘Best Window Replacement Companies’ (September 28)
Everybody likes good news, as evidenced by the popularity of the September story that U.S. News & World Report released its “Best Window Replacement Companies” for 2023, which included nine manufacturers.

5. Masonite Corp. to Close Stockton Facility, Cites Weakened Residential Market (March 3)
The second facility closure to make the [DWM] Top 10 list was the confirmation that Masonite Corp. was closing one of its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities and displacing 100 or more employees.

6. Miter Brands Just Offered $1.9 Billion for PGTI, According to Reuters (October 10)
Though the news surrounding the PGT Innovations acquisition dominated the last couple months of the year, Miter Brands’ first bid on the company caught enough of the industry’s attention to land it at #6 on the top read stories of 2023.

7. Corning Debuts New Glass and Production Line for Thin Triples (June 26)
News that thin-glass manufacturer Corning Inc. announced a new material and manufacturing process for thin-triple insulating glass units (IGUs)—and the way the announcement was made—garnered enough readers to land at the seventh spot on the overall list.

8. Pella Goes Full-Service to Lure Homebuilders Direct to Showrooms (April 17)
In an economy still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and all the complications that it brought, Pella Corp.’s announcement it was offering professional installation services for homebuilders turned heads.

9. ODL Acquires Tru Tech Doors (April 5)
It happened back in April but ODL Inc.’s purchase of Tru Tech Doors of Ontario made waves enough to keep it on the list of top read [DWM] stories of 2023.

10. CPSC Issues Recall on MI 1620 Impact Windows (January 13)
Rounding out the Top 10 list of most read stories from the [DWM] newsletter was the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall alert of some MI Windows and Doors’ 1620 vinyl single-hung impact windows with window opening control devices (WOCDs). The January recall indicated some the windows presented fall and serious injury hazards.

Bonus: Report Accuses Jeld-Wen and Home Depot of Contributing to ‘Forest Crimes’ (November 16)
Missing out on the list by mere eight views was the November story of nonprofit Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) accusing Jeld-Wen and The Home Depot Inc. of contributing to illegal deforestation.

And that’s our Top 10 – plus one. As we head into 2024, we look forward to bringing you more relevant, interesting, and important industry news.

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