Cyncly, parent company to software makers Fenetech and Soft Tech, recently announced the opening of its AI Innovation Center, a strategy and engineering resource that company officials say will develop and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across a range of products. A company press release indicates that the center will add “substantial” technical expertise and development resources to Cyncly’s global team, helping to accelerate ongoing programs through the application of AI techniques.

“I’m thrilled for the opening of Cyncly’s AI Innovation Center as the company executes on its plan to lead the spaces-for-living industry,” said Hetal Shah, chief technology officer. “We are bringing together a team with world-class talent, leveraging industry insights and data from our long history supporting customers, so we can deliver the next generation of innovative products.”

The center will apply the latest technologies to support customer workflows, including generative AI, which the press release says will enable Cyncly to deliver innovative product capabilities, more immersive product experiences and higher quality outcomes faster and more consistently.

“Cyncly’s AI strategy is built on our deep industry focus, our engineering resources, and the quantity and quality of data we have from every stage of the consumer journey,” said Manish Bhatia, VP of engineering. “We are excited to have the Innovation Center as an additional resource, supporting our growing team of AI and subject matter experts across the organization, to fulfill Cyncly’s growth strategy and solve unique business challengers for our customers.”

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