After a Year of Co-Locating, WMA’s Show Is Back on Its Own

Here in the U.S., there are plenty of trade shows featuring a mix of building products. But since
1964, World Millwork Alliance’s (WMA) Annual Convention and Trade Show has remained
committed to doors and millwork. After experimenting in 2022, by commingling with GlassBuild
America, in its 58th year the show returns to a solo act in Louisville, Ky., October 23-25.

First slated for Indianapolis, show officials made a change, citing ongoing issues with the original
venue and a new one in Louisville at the Kentucky International Convention Center. The event’s host hotel, Marriott Louisville Downtown, is conveniently connected to the convention center and the nearby Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport is easily accessible for foreign and domestic travelers.

With one of the strongest line-ups for millwork and doors, officials say the event is about the “total
show experience,” including innovative products and services, and networking opportunities for cultivating business relationships. Among its seminars and educational sessions is a Millwork Connections Luncheon, set to take place at noon, Monday, October 23, when keynote speaker Alex Banayan will cover “The Mindset of Exponential Growth: How to Transform Your Thinking, Take the Third Door, and Achieve your Most Important Goals.” Later that same day, Ruth Kellick-Grubbs, president of Kellick & Associates, will cover “The Power of Focus: Leveraging the Most Important KPIs to Improve Productivity and Profitability.”

In addition to education, following is a look at some of what you can expect to find on the show floor.

Advanced Screen Systems: Go for Integrated

Officials for Advanced Screen Systems say the aftermarket for security, screens and storm doors has taken advantage of demand, compromising to achieve “fit after the fact.” But the company’s patent-pending, pre-hung entry door system makes this market accessible to original equipment manufacturers and door shops, marrying OEM entry doors with a high-performance security, pet-resistant or storm door set up in fully integrated, pre-hung units.

All three options in the company’s line up install quickly and easily at door shops or in the field. Security and animal-resistant doors feature a patented Meshtec advanced screen system, delivering performance and durability. Meanwhile, a new, integrated, pre-hung entry door and security, pet-resistant screen or storm door system delivers a better value than other options, the company suggests.

GlassCraft Door Co.: Want to See a Magic Trick?

GlassCraft plans to perform a disappearing act in its booth, with a new product dubbed the Houdini Hardware Kit. The company’s “magic” makes mounted rails and accessories for barn doors completely hidden from view. As a result, doors appear to “magically be attached to the wall, thus the name Houdini,” says Daniel Dietz, marketing director.

GlassCraft unveiled the first version of its hardware at a trade show earlier this year where it proved to be a “huge hit,” says Dietz. The company immediately redesigned the product, filed a patent, tested, filed a trademark and developed a marketing campaign.

The defining feature of Houdini Hardware lies in its meticulously designed, discreet aesthetic. It seamlessly merges with the surrounding wall, ensuring that all eyes are drawn to the door. This makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to incorporate a barn door into their living or workspaces, while eliminating the visual presence of traditional hardware.

Hardware is integrated into the top rail and door boot and is suitable for both 36- and 42-inch-wide doors. The kit is equipped with soft-close dampers for smooth door opening and closing, with adjustable damper positioning.

A patented adjustment system allows for post-installation door adjustments and the concealed track discreetly mounts along the top inner edge of the door, eliminating the need for a wall-mounted track. The company does warn that its new hardware system is not recommended for use on thick or semi-heavy carpeting, but functions optimally on tile and hardwood flooring.

Masisa: Paint- or Install-Ready

With the motto, “Your world, your style,” Masisa’s UltraPrime MDF mouldings collection offers a
wide assortment of stock, as well as specialty patterns that can be customized. The company plans to display its raw panels, coated panels and MDF mouldings. Mouldings can be primed with a jesso finish or finished with acrylic paint so they’re ready to be mitered and installed.

The focus will be on a portfolio of solutions for remodeling, officials say, including mouldings, melamine boards, coatings and accessories for finishing.

Masonite: Tighter and Higher-Tech Performance

Masonite plans to showcase a full line up of interior and exterior doors—each with added benefits that go beyond just aesthetics. For interior doors, the company will feature its solid-core products, which create quieter spaces with 70% more sound-dampening material than standard Masonite hollow core doors.

Exterior door solutions will include the Performance Door System, with a four-point performance
seal. According to company info, the product is 64% better at keeping air and water out than the leading competitor, based on certified third-party testing. VistaGrande will also be on display, including flush glazed doors with up to 18% more visible glass area.Attendees can also get their hands on DuraStyle wood doors with AquaSeal, which deliver up to 22 times the protection against water penetration compared to exterior wood doors without AquaSeal, officials say.

Finally, the company’s new M-Pwr Smart Doors will bring a high-tech flare to the show, as the first residential exterior doors to integrate power, lights, video doorbells and smart locks. Powering the display shouldn’t be a problem, considering they include a backup battery with a 24-hour capacity.

WoodWare Systems: Save Your Fingers

WoodWare will feature its MfgConnectXT, a manufacturer’s catalog interface that benefits WoodWare software users in numerous ways.

Some users have stated that by automating the upload process, they are reducing order entry time spent on those orders by half, according to company info. The company’s system gives order entry employees more incentive to use the manufacturer’s online ordering program because MfgConnectXT seamlessly uploads XML online orders into WoodWare. This also
ensures order information will be the same in both systems, reducing keying errors that happen from double entry.

Norfield: Turbo Boost Door Production

Norfield plans to show off the speed of its new 2400ASR. The machine prepares three to four double-strike jambs or four to five single-strike jambs per minute. Due to its high-speed cycle, officials say it can be included in the production line or as an independent, high-volume workstation. It machines flat single or double-rabbeted and split jambs, and the strike plate can have full lip, no lip or a T-strike. The unit also provides machining for double full lip for a
ball catch.

Simpson Door: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Dutch Doors have their place in Americana. The top half can be left open for fresh air and natural light, while the bottom half of the door remains closed to prevent children and pets from entering or leaving unnoticed. Simpson aims to hook attendees on the idea of adding those features to front entryways and interior spaces, including kitchens, laundry rooms and home offices.

In addition to Dutch doors, the company will showcase shaped doors, to meet demand for greater personalization. Officials say the company can provide any door design, including any size, wood species or glass type, in any shape. Customers can design exactly what they want.

At the same time, it’s introducing new, custom pre-hang capabilities, offering to tackle the units that dealers don’t want to handle themselves. “Expensive doors or units you don’t want to make a mistake with,” the company suggests, including machining for specialty needs like multipoint locks, hidden hinges and specialty door or jamb prep. They suggest using the company’s pre-hanging capabilities as a “back up plan,” so you can better manage labor resources.

FrontLine Building Products: Out-of-the-Box SDLs

Officials for FrontLine Building Products say its simulated divided lites (SDLs) have “swiftly developed into a pivotal product line.” As a result, the company is expanding its offerings.

This year’s show will mark the unveiling of a fresh class of SDL bars, placing special emphasis on wide bar products and their versatile applications.

Among the latest are 4-1/2-inch and 5-1/2-inch SDL bars, accompanied by a 1-5/8-inch profiled bar. Bars are meticulously crafted from extruded aluminum, which, when combined with 3M VHB tape, leads to minimal expansion and contraction.

Smooth and wood-grained aluminum SDL bars can be painted or stained.

By simplifying the complicated processes of cutting and fitting, officials say they’ve streamlined to make SDLs an out-of-the-box solution.

ODL: Meticulous Reproductions

ODL will feature several pieces of glass, ranging from decorative and privacy, to blinds-between-glass—all in its own doors. The company will have both flush glazed and framed glass on hand, in steel and fiberglass styles.

But its Rift Cut doors that officials say they’re particularly excited about, which include a woodgrain
texture meticulously designed after the appearance of natural wood. Grains such as mahogany and oak were analyzed in the creation of the Rift Cut style.

MaxCraft Doors: All of the Style Without the Maintenance

MaxCraft offers three collections of premium, flush-glazed fiberglass doors. Doors in the American-Classic collection are designed to match the beauty of natural wood, with minimum maintenance requirements. Doors are available in Mahogany and Douglas Fir grain patterns and paint grade, smooth finishes. SDL Ultimate doors feature integral molded fiberglass SDL bars on both
sides of the glass with internal spacers, giving them the appearance of elegant wood doors.

TrueFlex collection doors are designed with very light Douglas Fir grain to duplicate natural Douglas Fir wood doors.

Lastly, the IronMax collection of doors combine the luxury of wrought iron with the energy efficiency of fiberglass doors.

MADA: Arriving In Perfect Style

MADA Inc. will display all of its door packaging products, ranging from door plugs, skid
plates and lift handles, to double-door clips and more. The company’s specialty includes innovative and reliable packaging solutions geared specifically for door pre-hangers.


Sumec Group: will show off its Gesso primed boards and mouldings, which are made of finger-jointed Pine, Facalta, LVL and MDF.

William-MacRae & Co.: plans to hook attendees on it 32 years of manufacturing and importing experience. The company manufactures, warehouses and distributes door components, millwork, and metal throughout the U.S.

Menzner Hardwoods: will celebrate the kickoff of its 130th year in business. From humble beginnings, pulling logs from the Rib River for its original sawmill, to approximately 500 employees across four states, the company now includes multiple manufacturing facilities
and lumber drying operations. The booth will feature a full line of top-quality moulding and millwork offerings.

Therma-Tru: will show attendees how to blur the lines between home and the outdoors
with its new Veris Collection. The product features expansive glass and sleek, minimalist
designs, joining high-end style with unique functionality.

Salvaro Industrial: specializes in the production of high-quality wood moldings and pre-hung doors and components. Officials say the company is dedicated to craftsmanship and attention to detail, striving to be a leading provider of decorative and functional wood molding solutions.

Bright Wood: will showcase its abilities as a full-service millwork manufacturer, including support for production and certification needs. The company will display door frames and jambs in
solid pine and hem/fir, as well as primed and finger-jointed. A complete line of solid, finger-jointed and MDF mouldings will also be on display.

Madesp: is coming for the first time to present a wide-range of finger-jointed pine mouldings,
door jambs, and S4S boards. Products are produced at a “cutting-edge” facility in Brazil.

DMSi Software: will provide demonstrations for its agility ERP software, which officials
say streamlines business processes, reduces errors and grows profitability. Users can
create accurate non-stock items in minutes and automatically generate work orders. The
system interfaces with manufacturers and quoting systems, such as Millwork Development, cutting order-entry time in half.

Millpar: was a pioneer in making finger-joint mouldings in Brazil, company officials say. The company’s booth will include a range of raw and primed Taeda Pine finger-joint mouldings, split jambs, door frames, flat jambs, S4S trim boards, shiplaps and tongue-and-groove wall planks, as well as window components, door stiles, edge-glued panels and finger-joint blanks.

CDS Logistics: will discuss last-mile delivery solutions, which officials say are tailored specifically for door and window manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Recognizing the unique challenges of delivering large, fragile and high-value items, the company’s solution emphasizes safety, efficiency and real-time tracking. Dedicated team members will be on-site to answer questions.

Famossul: is marking its 50th anniversary this year. The Brazilian manufacturer will give attendees a look at its finger-jointed Pine, primed moulding and millwork offerings, including bases, casings, brick moulding, flat jambs, split jambs and S4S boards.

Worldwide Door Components: will exhibit its 4Ever Frame composite door jamb, 4Ever Sill threshold, composite mouldings and T-astragals, as well as hinges, hardware and weatherstrip.

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