For decades now, GlassBuild America has held its spot as the largest trade show for glass “in the Western hemisphere.” This year, the three-day event returns to one of its long-time stomping grounds: the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

With companies and professionals across the full supply chain under one roof, from October 31 through November 2, the event marks a prime opportunity for those looking to shop products and solutions. The trade show floor will be stocked with everything from door and window systems and hardware to new options in insulating glass. Machinery will also be on hand for producing just about anything fenestration related.

Some key trends to look out for in 2023 are:

Screens, Screens and More Screens

With manufacturers offering new materials, new safety and security designs, and outsourcing and equipment for in-house production, [DWM]’s editors predict this segment to be hotter and more competitive than ever.


With the popularity of films in recent years, more companies offering outsourcing and coast-to-coast competition, you can expect to see more products than ever wrapped in everything from the darkest blacks to woodgrain.

A Full ‘Menu’ for Insulating Glass

This won’t be the first show to place vacuum insulating glass (VIG), thin-triple, hybrid glass and the latest double-pane technologies side by side in competition. But this year the event parallels a major change for the industry: deployment of Energy Star 7.

Return of the Machines

While the years surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and related supply issues took their toll on machinery exhibits, manufacturers have since leveled out production. For this reason, you can expect to see more equipment on the show floor.

Other reasons for attending this year’s show include:

Shopping Wider Options and New Materials

Booth 2003: Chelsea Building Products
Customizing to Match Tastes and Needs

At this year’s show, “Visitors will be able to review different sash styles, various frame configurations, and a variety of glazing thicknesses to create the right window design to fill their customers’ needs,” says Gary Hartman, Chelsea’s vice president of sales and marketing.
Window styles from the company’s Inoview and American Homestead lines will be on display, as well as C-Core, a unique composite reinforcement technology. Styles will include double- and single-hung, horizontal sliders, foam windows and casement.

Inoview features multi-chambered, hollow profiles to enhance thermal, structural, water, air and sound performance, providing up to a 0.14 U-value rating without exotic insulating glass (IG) or foam filling.

Booth 3951: Novatech Group
Floor-to-Ceiling Openings

Novatech will show off its Loft aluminum patio door, which is designed to bring the outside in. The product’s lift mechanism allows for effortless opening of oversized glass panels. The result is a safe, durable, maintenance-free and efficient door that the company suggests can be used to redefine living spaces.

Loft door is engineered to withstand shocks, windloads and tough climates. Each detail was designed to make the panels light and their opening and closing simple and enjoyable. The doors are built with standard multipoint locking mechanisms, helping ensure peace of mind for homeowners.

Booth 1505: Renolit
Express Yourself

Renolit aims to show companies how to get started in a lamination program quickly and with no investments in equipment. The company will also showcase its latest offerings from a full range of decorative and performance films, including realistic interior woodgrains.

The company’s newly released EXOFOL PFX offers a matte finish and lifelike embossing that officials say flawlessly replicates the texture of real wood and the natural beauty of several different woodgrain patterns. PFX is also scratch and chemical resistant thanks to a resilient protective top layer.

Also on display will be Renolit’s latest innovations in decorative and performance laminate films, including EXOFOL FX, which has a 20-year warranty.

Booth 622: Continental
Limitless Options

Continental will display a wide range of exterior surfaces, offering door and window manufacturers a “limitless scope and inspiration for creative ideas.” Highlights will include Conti mattex exterior films, with super matte finishes and PVDF top coatings. Conti mattex surfaces boast a realistic aluminum look and offer outstanding technical properties, according to company information.

Also on display will be a wide range of Conti woodec decors with impressively realistic wood aesthetics. The company will also unveil new exterior designs, including metallics.

Most Conti exterior laminates applied in North America feature a proprietary Cool Colors PLUS technology, which allows for low heat buildup.

Finding New and Better Ways to Get Things Done

Booth 217: Coda Products
Save Time and Effort

Coda is set to make a new introduction at GlassBuild. The company will unveil its CX Series Casement Seals—a patent pending, closed-cell foam seal for easy installation and enhanced performance. Officials say the product is designed for “effortless installation,” via a custom roller tool that allows for quick insertion into kerf slots. The innovative approach saves operator time and effort during installation, according to company information. Once installed, the closed cell foam construction minimizes water absorption, while a co-extrusion
technology increases durability and performance.

Booth 2706: Grabo
A Battery Powered Grip

Grabo told [DWM] it plans to announce a new product and a new partnership. The company’s new Li-ION OTTOVAC operates
on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery cartridge via a USB-C/thunderbolt port. The tool includes a single-button electric vacuum cup with a re-engineered and extended rubber lip to provide immediate grip. The product includes a built-in pressure gauge, so users know precisely when they have a secure grip. As for the new partnership? You’ll have to wait to find out at the show.

Booth 831: Joseph Machine
A Machine for Everything

If equipment tops your list, Joseph Machine will have a booth full for companies to see in action, including a fabrication and cut processor, a CNC machining center, a two-head cleaner and automated welders. The company’s fabrication and cut processor is well suited for light aluminum alloys, PVC and fiberglass extrusions, offering what officials say is, “the ultimate in door and window fabrication.” The SFMC
platform features 45-degree double miter and/or 90-degree straight cut saw modules, combined with a custom array of fabrication tools for creating assembly, hinge and drainage holes, or machining patterns for accessories. The machine can be customized to your exact needs and cycle times, saving labor, improving throughput and part quality. The JClean, automated two-head cleaner can be used for frames and sashes, providing high speed CNC operations, along with intuitive software to help improve the speed and quality of PVC window

Booth 2639: Oz Machine
Data-Driven Cuts

If imported lists and automatic cutting sound good to you, then you’ll want to swing by Oz Machine’s booth for a look at GEMINI – V SA.
The company’s servo-controlled double-head cutting machine includes 22-inch saw blades and is ideal for cutting aluminum and PVC profiles at various angles and thicknesses. The machine’s 20-foot-long bed allows you to cut 195-inch-long pieces at once. A hydro-pneumatic cutting feature serves up smooth and accurate cuts and Gemini – V SA comes with a coolant nozzle, which allows you to cut aluminum profiles as well. The machine can import a cutting list from optimization software and run in automatic mode to prevent operator-caused mistakes and material losses.

Improving Efficiency

Booth G13: H. B. Fuller
Tight But Elastic

H.B. Fuller will present its thermoplastic warm edge solution Ködispace 4SG, which combines energy efficiency with durability.
Ködispace 4SG replaces the conventional edge system made of spacer bar, desiccant and primary seal, by creating a chemical bond with glass and silicone for a tight but elastic unit. If there is permanent deformation of glass lites caused by heat or cold, the flexible
warm edge system absorbs movements to prevent gas leakage. The black sealant is applied automatically and with the utmost precision by a robot. As a result, insulating glass units are “aesthetically perfect,” the company suggests, and can be produced in almost unlimited variety.

Discovering New Alternatives

Booth 1313: Novagard Solutions
A New Generation of Sealants

Novagard plans to demonstrate several new products this year. Building on the success of its Qwik-Set line of two-component sealants, officials for the woman-owned silicone manufacturer say they’re debuting QwikSet Low Migration Adhesive & Glazing Sealant. Specifically
formulated to meet the stringent low migration qualifications established by Cardinal Glass, the product will help protect secondary seals in
insulating glass. “Qwik-Set rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength, and this low migration feature will ensure long window life,” says Mike Kister, vice president of product management. The company will also bring its latest generation of single component alkoxy glazing sealant. A neutral cure, low modulus glazing sealant, the product is low-VOC and PFAS-free to safeguard the environment.

Booth 1603: Deceuninck North America
Structural Strength With Energy Performance

Deceuninck will exhibit a line of fiber-reinforced polymer parts that can be custom designed for doors and windows to provide the
strength of aluminum in a thermally efficient product. According to company information, Innergy AP components deliver unparalleled structural strength with very low conductivity for excellent thermal performance. Components come with a variety of options, including pressure plates, structural thermal struts and reinforcements. Rigid thermal reinforcements provide support and a thermal break
for door and window systems, while serving as an energy-efficient alternative to aluminum inserts. The company will also show off its Eos line of doors, which come with an optional sill that meets the most recent ADA standards for easier ingress and egress.

Find Ways to Do It Yourself

Booth 1331: Erdman Automation Corp. and FlexScreen
Offering In-House Production

FlexScreen and Erdman Automation have teamed up this year to present an industry-first: what officials say is the world’s first and only automated window screen line. Earlier this year, the duo collaborated to unveil technology that opens the world of licensing for FlexScreen brand flexible window screens to door and window manufacturers that are interested in producing the product in-house.

Booth visitors will get to experience the full FlexScreen line producing screens in real-time and be able to get their hands on and test the product in various window displays. FlexScreen Inventor and CEO Joe Altieri and Erdman Automation president Morgan Donohue will be available, along with some of their key team members.

Booth 2141: PDS IG Equipment
Bringing Home Thin-Triple

PDS announced general availability for a new Thin-Triple Automation T17 Spacer platform. The new line allows manufacturers to
produce thin-triple insulating glass units (IGUs) using a proprietary system and the company’s T17 spacer, to easily and economically fabricate made-to-order units that are lighter and thinner than traditional triple-pane IGUs with two spacers. PDS’s T17 spacer system produces high-quality, symmetrical or asymmetrical triple pane units with no additional labor, officials say. Fully automated equipment is compatible with the T17 dual-pane IG production platform, allowing the production of both dual- and triple-pane IGUs on the same line.

Focusing on Safety and Security

Booth 1411: Magid
Protection for Dangerous Jobs

Magid will allow attendees to handle and get a feel for its new M-GARD garments with AeroDex Technology. While some traditional
cut-resistant safety wear can be heavy, hot and itchy, AeroDex integrates new fiber and yarn wrapping techniques for up to 30% lighter
protection. An optional mesh back allows body heat to dissipate and provides additional airflow while delivering critical ANSI Cut Level A7-A9 protection.

Booth 1017: Quanex
Keep Pets in and Burglars Out

Quanex will give folks an opportunity to see—and feel—its new Security Screen with Meshtec Technology. Screen doors equipped with Meshtec are designed to deliver outstanding durability, standing up to pets and humans for a lifetime of use, all with the added benefits of securing the home against unwanted break-ins, insects and harmful UV rays. High-tensile mesh technology is combined with a multipoint locking system and main patio door interlock to resist common forced-entry tools, so consumers can rest easy with an extra level of protection.

Learning to Up Your Sales Game

Booth 517: Strybuc Industries
All the Right Tools

In addition to displaying products, such as private-label glass cleaner and a heavy-duty knock-down screen for patio doors, Strybuc will have new tools and displays on hand for caulk guns, and a display for window balances and sash support systems. The company will
also show customers how its website building services and a new smartphone app work.

Booth 721: Veka North America
A Time to Celebrate

Veka North America is celebrating a special occasion at GlassBuild—its 40th anniversary. Officials say the company was established “with
a mission to impact the American market, shift dominance from aluminum to vinyl windows, and create a company that people could take pride in.” Over the past four decades, it has grown from a dozen individuals to over 800 employees. “As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable journey we have embarked on together,” said Joe Peilert, president and CEO.

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