The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) has updated an industry specification for rating the ability of doors, windows, skylights and sliding glass doors to withstand impact and pressure cycling associated with hurricanes.

AAMA 506-23, Voluntary Specification for Impact and Cycle Testing of Fenestration Products, was updated to align with the recently released NAFS-22 standard, says Lothar Erkens of Winco Window Company. He is also the architectural products council co-chair of the FGIA Impact Specification Review Task Group.

“Since the Florida Product Approval, and recently the Texas Department for Insurance, may utilize certification and listing of a fenestration product by an independent agency, AAMA 506 can be used to assure windborne-debris-resistant fenestration will meet the criteria required for nationwide acceptance,” says Erkens. “This assures that the product not only provides protection against windborne debris but also provides comfort and protection against excessive air infiltration, water infiltration and structural performance suitable to a project-specific Performance Grade.”

Officials add the specification is intended to include fenestration products of all framing materials covered by the standards and specifications listed in Section 1.3 of the document.

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