Juan Banda, wearing a dark-gray polo shirt and wire-rimmed glasses, smiles directly into the camera.
Juan Banda

American Renolit recently hired Juan Banda to serve as a technical support person.

“Renolit has recognized the growing acceptance of lamination in the fenestration market,” a company statement says. “As a result, we have made a long-term commitment and brought Juan on to help support that growth.”

In his new role, Banda assists companies in the lamination market by offering assistance for issues pertaining to the whole lamination process. Officials say the goal includes having him support not only American Renolit brand films, but all films. He can also help with machine issues and overall operation concerns and “will be an important technical support person to the whole industry,” the statement says.

The company also announced the opening of a warehouse in La Porte, Ind. The brand-new facility has over 90,000 sq. ft. of space and features new racking, a new computer material management system and handling equipment. Officials say the new, centrally located facility is expected to make transport shorter and easier for customers.

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