Alside commissioned a national survey to reveal the most common reasons homeowners would consider replacing their windows, along with other valuable insights into the purchasing experience. The survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll, including more than 1,300 house, apartment and condo owners across the U.S.

According to survey results, the number one reason homeowners would consider replacing windows includes enhancing energy efficiency, which garnered 36%. Efficiency was followed by fixing damage, which 29% of survey respondents noted as the reason that would compel them to have windows replaced. Twelve percent of homeowners who participated cited moisture mitigation or leakage and 9% said part of a larger home renovation as driving replacements. Six percent of homeowners would do so to alleviate ongoing maintenance needs while 5% would change their windows for aesthetic purposes.

Owners only had a slight difference of opinion among the four regions of the U.S. (Northeast, South, Midwest and West).

Among the reasons that homeowners zeroed in on energy efficiency was costs savings and reducing their carbon footprints. However, one age group did not agree with the majority: nearly half of 18- to 34-year-olds (45%) said damage was the primary reason they would consider replacing windows.

“Window replacement continues to be a popular home improvement project, and it’s not hard to see why,” said Adam Copel, windows business director for Alside’s parent company, Associated Materials. “Not only does replacing windows enhance a home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal, it also can increase its overall value. We expect to see continued growth in this sector as homeowners seek to save on energy costs and invest in their properties.”

The survey also asked owners how they would choose a contractor if they were considering replacing their windows. Word-of-mouth and family or friend recommendations tied with best price, at 28%. That was followed by high rating online (22%), product selection or brands available to them (14%), and advertisements or other promotions (4%).

Men and women, however, did not agree on the top quality that drives their contractor choice: females lean more toward word-of-mouth recommendation, while the best price drives males’ purchasing decision (33% and 27%, respectively).

Finally, Alside wanted to know if owners had a concept for how long their windows should last. Nearly a third (32%) think windows should last more than 20 years before needing replacement.


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  1. This survey or one just like it has been done every year for the last 50 to 60 years. And someone always publishes the results. If they don’t have the answers down pat by now they should find another business to be in. Reasons don’t change, people really don’t change, and the reasons are common sense.

    Their windows are worn out,- their windows look bad, – they feel drafts around their windows – their energy bills are killing them, – they want something easier to maintain that looks nice – all their neighbors have new windows.

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