DWM May/June 2023


DEI + Belonging

With the latest DEI efforts falling flat in statistics, experts are cuing in on an addition to the acronym: B. Without a sense of belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion lack personal meaning, some suggest.

Annual Guide to New Products

While companies have struggled in recent years to innovate, while straddling record demand and tough operating conditions, if this year’s turnout is any
indicator, those days are clearly behind us.

Look Alikes

With only minor changes to code requirements, manufacturers of hurricane products have shifted their focus to aesthetics, hoping more homeowners will eye the option outside of coastal areas.


From the Editor

An unexpected take on DEI and human nature

Everything IG

Why certification testing is the best assurance against bad IG

Fenestration Focus

Key take aways from one company’s journey in DEI

Trend Tracker

Why LBMs are an important part of the sales channel for fenestration

FGIA Analysis

How today’s air-tight construction can lead to condensation

WMA Headlines

A look at some of the latest long-term challenge


What’s News

From M&As to awards and expansions

Ones to Watch

Sales to executive leadership—all of the latest faces

Now Showing

Upcoming events

Industry Indices

A visual and statistical look at trends and issue

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