Steve Chen is pictured with HS Lee receiving the CMP Leadership Award.

CMP New York honored Crystal Window & Door Systems president Steve Chen at the non-profit organization’s annual Breakthrough Rising Gala. This year, the gala paid tribute to second generation New York-area entrepreneurs continuing the legacy built by their families’ startup companies and breaking new ground. Held on April 27, 2023, at Terrace on the Park in Queens, N.Y., the gala was attended by several hundred business, community and government leaders.

“It was very rewarding to be recognized by CMP for continuing the growth of Crystal Windows, the company my parents began over 30 years ago,” said Chen. “It has been challenging to keep the company successful through economic downturns and booms, and hard work to ensure Crystal stays at the cutting edge in an industry [that’s] rapidly evolving. But I hope Crystal’s success and my story can inspire other second-generation leaders to steer their family businesses to even greater heights.”

During the event, Crystal’s city council member Vicky Paladino presented Chen with a New York City Council Proclamation. A longtime resident of Queens, Paladino remarked how she has enjoyed seeing Crystal grow with Steve taking the reins. She noted “So often parents start a business, and when they start a business, they hope to pass it down to their kids. And often it doesn’t go well. But in this case, you really did it [succeeded].”

The Spirit of Immigrants Award was presented to Andy Wang, owner of several Bonchon Chicken franchises.

CMP New York was established in 1972 to serve the Asian-American immigrant community in New York City. The organization offers programs to support language and literacy, job skills readiness and placement assistance, career preparation for youth and young adults, and business and resource consulting for fledgling entrepreneurs. Last year, over 4,000 youth, business owners and individuals took part in programs city wide.

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