[This article was updated May 3, 2023.]

PGT Innovations (PGTI) announced a new branding effort for its PGT Custom Windows and Doors division, a label that’s primarily known for its impact-rated products. The move reflects a commitment by the company to expand market share and reach, including the addition of garage doors in October 2022.

PGT Innovations is launching new branding for its PGT Custom Windows and Doors division, a label that’s primarily known for its impact-rated products. (Photo courtesy of PGT)

Labeled as the company’s “flagship” brand, PGT Custom Windows and Doors was given a new logo and tagline, which officials suggest will help to “lay the foundation for an expanded position in the marketplace.” With the tagline, “the freedom to live where and how you want,” the brand aims to transition from a focus on hurricane protection and impact-resistance, to one that’s known for “high-performance glass technology,” including door and window products that key in on energy efficiency, sound reduction and security.

The company’s new brand statement “reflects that PGT products are much more than hurricane protection,” officials said in a press release, adding, “They are everyday necessities in that they provide unmatched advantages to lifestyle experiences, giving customers peace of mind and control to live wherever and however they choose, whether it is a coastal waterfront or urban location.”

As customers have come to expect the same look and feel among hurricane-rated products found in other, luxury segments, including large sizes and narrow sightlines, “all of the industry trends that you’re seeing in the non-impact world have really kind of come into the impact world,” PGTI vice president of innovation and design engineering, Dean Ruark, tells [DWM]. As a result, the company has focused in recent months on redesigning its hurricane and impact-rated products to have aesthetics that are closer to that of non-impact doors and windows, Ruark says.

In January 2023, PGTI announced a partnership with glass manufacturer Corning Inc. to bring a new glass technology to residential products. The company has since introduced a glass for residential windows that’s as little as 0.5 mm thick and 40% to 45% lighter than standard float glass. “It’s a different composition of glass than float glass,” he says—one that’s about three times stronger than standard residential glass.

“We continue to see a trend toward modern contemporary architecture, and products that have minimal sightlines, lots of exposed glass and high-end aluminum finishes,” Ruark says. “We’ve seen that with Western Windows Systems [a PGTI brand] in the non-impact space, and they really do a nice job of capturing that modern contemporary look and feel, in very highly engineered large sizes. We’ve carried that over into our impact platform.”

With rebranding, “The new look and tagline for PGT Custom Windows and Doors better highlight the purpose of the brand,” says Christy Sackett, the company’s vice president of marketing. “It’s all about giving customers control and peace of mind over external forces like extreme weather, home security and outside noise.”

According to company officials, a new look for marketing aligns with operational investments designed to increase glass supply and production capacity, as the company also expands its truck and trailer fleets.

“We are excited for the industry and consumers to experience the expansion of our hallmark brand and to shape the future of the industry with this exciting new chapter of PGT Custom Windows and Doors,” says Jeff Jackson, president and CEO.

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