Haeco’s PRO-GLAZE and PRO-SET glass lay-in solutions are never a finished work, says CEO Jerry Henline. Instead, engineers enhanced the features and advantages of its latest models. 

To demonstrate, the company recently showcased an installation with a 20-foot driven conveyor in-feed that can accommodate multiple lite openings for glazing, while automatically adjusting to different profiles, variable lengths and number of openings. After completion of glazing cycles, frames are lifted and transferred to a PRO-SET solution that utilizes “smart” lift pins to manage profile interference. Glass panels are then manually placed on the lift pins by an operator and lowered evenly into place with a touch switch. 

The company’s PRO-GLAZE 8400 includes a new linear bearing design, with hardened metal-to-metal exterior mechanical surfaces, while internal bearing surfaces are sealed permanently and are impervious to dust and dirt infiltration.


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