Oz Machine just announced a new option that’s designed to tackle all of the machining processes for profiles in a single stop—including drilling, milling and opening slots. The ALCOR – V Cutting and Machining Center was developed to perform cutting, surface treatment and end milling operations of wide aluminum and PVC profiles. The machine is designed to achieve the highest efficiency via units that operate independently of each other, allowing the same machine to cut and notch profiles to accurate length. 

“All of these processes can be finished in a single machine, with a single operator,” says Adil Sasmaz, the company’s managing director. “We improved our previous cutting and machining center with a five-axis cutting head, so we can perform different cutting and notching options in a single station.” 

After spotting what Sasmaz says was “a gap in the industry,” the company’s engineers took one of its existing machines and improved upon the design. What was an automated straight-cutting solution for standard mass production is now a one-stop station. While producers were previously required to drill holes after cutting pieces, by adding a drilling feature, “They don’t need to do two different processes in two different stations,” he says.

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