Carrying the Load

FPL offers a complete lift and slide hardware system that can accommodate doors up to 1,600 lbs. According to company officials, they are now the first to offer roller carriages with Grade 304 stainless steel wheels. According to company information, this significantly reduces the force required to slide doors, while increasing durability and reducing the risk of damaged rollers from a bad installation. “You work hard to provide the best doors available,” officials suggest.

The product features an anti-rocking, PVD-coated alloy housing and four hardened stainless steel precision bearings. Additional rear/middle roller carriages can be added for heavier or longer panels.

Rounding Out Options

Home Guard, a manufacturer of replacement windows, entry doors and storm doors, is now offering round-top entry doors in a one-piece composite jamb. Officials say the company’s “beautifully crafted” doors are available in a multitude of styles, sizes, colors and stains to compliment a range of home designs. All doors are 22- or 20-gauge Taylor steel doors with composite lock blocks, slide on sweeps and adjustable hinges. If a storm door is required, the company also makes round-top storm doors in matching colors to compliment the opening.

Ensure a Proper Match

If your company replaces any windows in the field, officials for EDTM say their new GC3200 is an essential tool for eliminating any mistakes by ensuring a proper match. The unit measures glass thickness and air space depth of windows, while also identifying the surface location and type of low-E coatings. It also has the ability to identify laminated glass and measure the inner-layer thickness of the lamination itself. A graphical display shows drawings of window profiles, labeling each glass surface, making window construction and low-E location much easier to comprehend. The unit stores recent measurements in its memory for later review.

In the end, it’s about ensuring you’re replacing the window with a similar looking product and the same type of low-E coating you’re taking out.

A Hinge for Any Exterior Door

Although hinges aren’t the main factor when it comes to choosing an entry or patio door, professionals know their design has a decisive impact on aesthetics. For this reason, Roto has expanded its lineup of designs, colors and surface finishes.

The company’s Solid S range includes screw-on hinges for all frame materials and requirements. The product offers wide ranging adjustments to allow for custom adaptations on the hinge side, contributing to functionality and the durability of doors. As a result, users can cater to various overlap heights.

A Solid B line includes two- and three-part butt hinges for vinyl doors, and two- and three-part clamp hinges for aluminum doors. The product’s clamping blocks are adapted to the system-specific groove on aluminum profiles. On all butt hinges, the adjustment mechanisms are fully integrated into hinge rollers.

Large aluminum doors can be outfitted with Solid C concealed hinges, for premium inward and outward opening options, including a black version for dark aluminum profiles.

Lastly, Roto Solid door hinges are distinguished by performance, achieving 200,000 opening cycles and offering a 10-year performance warranty.

A Solo Act

If you’re sick of tying up two workers to flip doors, Wakefield’s K-51DV Flipping Table and Conveyor might be the answer.

The unit is designed to enable one person to handle large doors and windows, with ergonomic features that help to ensure safety.

Each table is custom-built to your company’s specific needs.

More Options Than Ever Before

Officials for WoodWare Systems say the company’s Var-I-Frame has been a millwork industry leader since its introduction. The application is used for configuring interior and exterior doors and windows with no bill of materials.

When a mantle company was added to the company’s list of partners, new input helped to push functionality even further, including 26 variables that can be formula-driven to handle manufacturing for practically any product needed, with cut lists, inventory control, costs and pricing.

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