Quebec door and window manufacturer Fenplast has announced the acquisition of ADG Doors and Windows in Terrebonne, through its subsidiary Altek Windows and Doors. Sylvain Arbour, corporate marketing director at Fenplast, says that while recent acquisitions weren’t meant to increase the company’s geographic territory, additional capacity for aluminum door and window products provides access to additional markets.

Arbour tells [DWM] that ADG will continue operating as usual, namely in the commercial and institutional sectors, for the time being, but, “At some point, they will probably be selling their aluminum products under the Altek brand,” he says.

Altek Windows and Doors results from Fenplast’s acquisition of the residential assets of Atis Group in September 2021, a development that allowed the company to double its production capacity. The acquisition resulted in a name change from Atis Group to Altek Windows and Doors. Arbour says Fenplast president Jean Marchand and his team are “always looking for interesting acquisitions.”

In March 2023, Fenplast also acquired a minority stake in Solarcom of Quebec, a manufacturer specializing in custom-made aluminum fenestration products for commercial and residential customers.

“These recent acquisitions weren’t meant to increase our geographic territory, but with their aluminum window and door capacities, we are gaining access to other markets with a bright future,” Arbour says. “High-rise buildings, commercial applications, schools and more.”

Arbour says the company is in talks “with a few people” with respect to additional acquisitions, though it currently has no plans to expand into the U.S. market.

“Most of our business is in Quebec and the eastern part of Ontario, but we would like to expand further west and south at some point,” Arbour says.

“We are delighted to expand our portfolio of all-aluminum products through our stake in Solarcom, as well as welcoming ADG Windows and Woors to the larger Fenplast family,” Marchand says. “We are convinced that these acquisitions will allow us to better meet the needs of the industry and strengthen our position as a leader in the door and window sector in Quebec.”

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