Although hinges aren’t the main factor when it comes to choosing an entry or patio door, professionals know their design has a decisive impact on aesthetics. For this reason, Roto has expanded its lineup of designs, colors and surface finishes.

The company’s Solid S range includes screw-on hinges for all frame materials and requirements. The product offers wide ranging adjustments to allow for custom adaptations on the hinge side, contributing to functionality and the durability of doors. As a result, users can cater to various overlap heights.

A range of Solid B line includes two- and three-part butt hinges for vinyl doors, and two- and three-part clamp hinges for aluminum doors. The product’s clamping blocks are adapted to the system-specific groove on aluminum profiles. On all butt hinges, the adjustment mechanisms are fully integrated into hinge rollers.

Large aluminum doors can be outfitted with Solid C concealed hinges, for premium inward and outward opening options, including a black version for dark aluminum profiles.

Lastly, Roto Solid door hinges are distinguished by performance, achieving 200,000 opening cycles and offering a 10-year performance warranty.

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