Quanex Corp. has announced that, effective March 1, 2023, Loeffler Supply LLC is the exclusive sales agent for Quanex products in Texas.

The company says Loeffler Supply has established itself as a premier representative and distributor of quality components to the door, window and construction industries. Supporting Quanex’s commitment to serving its customers, Loeffler will be responsible for the sales management of all core Quanex products, including spacers, screens and vinyl profiles.

“The sales team at Loeffler Supply are phenomenal at what they do,” said Jack Meluskey, director of Western sales for Quanex. “They know their market and the products and have great relationships with the customers. We are ecstatic to have them handling the Texas market.”

Loeffler Supply has had a long-standing relationship with Quanex as a customer and distributor of the company’s insulating glass systems products. The Loeffler team will help to expand Quanex’s reach throughout the Texas marketplace, officials said.

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