Marvin recently announced leadership promotions for its marketing, sales and product management teams. Malorie Drugg has been promoted to vice president of marketing, while Tim Kasten has been promoted to vice president of sales and David Goulet has been promoted to vice president of research and development and product management.

Headshots of Malorie Drugg (shoulder length blonde hair, black jacket, white dress shirt), Tim Kasten (navy blue sweater over a light blue button up shirt and white under shirt), and David Goulet (wearing a bluish long-sleeved shirt, no tie, and is standing with his arms crossed).
Malorie Drugg, Tim Kasten, and David Goulet

In these promoted roles, Drugg, Kasten and Goulet will partner to provide elevated brand touchpoints, customer experiences and differentiated product offerings in support of the builders, architects and homeowners who are creating, renovating and reimagining residential and commercial spaces across the country.

“Throughout our more than 110-year legacy, Marvin has been guided by a people-first approach to product development and innovation,” said Christine Marvin, chief marketing and experience officer at Marvin. “How people want to live, work and play has changed dramatically, and as we look ahead to the next five years, the products we make and how we bring those products to life must evolve to meet the increasing demands for functionality and connectivity in indoor environments.”

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