Roto Frank Window and Door Technology, a specialist for hardware technology with subsidiaries in North and South America, announced its recent acquisition of Ultrafab Inc.

Starting in 2023, Roto Frank says 100% of Ultrafab shares will be transferred to Roto Frank Window and Door Technology. Ultrafab, headquartered in Farmington, N.Y., operates three production sites in the U.S. and has around 300 employees.

Marcus Sander, CEO of Roto Frank Window and Door Technology, believes Roto’s appeal as a partner to American window and door fabricators will be further enhanced through the integration of Ultrafab Inc. He states that both companies share a mindset of customer focus and cultural similarities.

“You could say the combination of Ultrafab and Roto is a ‘perfect match.’ Together, we set the benchmark for customers in the fenestration industry when it comes to product range, technical expertise, quality and service. Customers will see more benefits as a result of this acquisition,” he said.

Founded in 1970, family-owned Ultrafab has evolved into an established technological leader in the processing of thermoplastics. The product portfolio includes premium pile weatherseals and extruded seals for windows and doors, and various specialty products for applications outside the fenestration industry.

Dr. Eckhard Keill, CEO of Roto Frank Holding AG, is delighted with the deal.

“Strategic acquisition remain an important instrument in securing Roto’s future,” he said, explaining that the company is particularly interested in businesses, such as Ultrafab, which operate in international markets for building elements and their components.

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