An employee of a subcontractor for Cardinal Glass in Church Hill, Tenn., died Wednesday morning.

Local media outlets report that no cause of death has been unveiled. The identity of the person has also not been released.

A spokesperson for Cardinal Glass told local media organizations the accident occurred in an area that is not currently used for production.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends mourning a tragic loss this morning,” Cardinal Glass said in a statement. “We have been in touch with the subcontractor for whom this individual worked to offer any possible assistance as well as with first responders who were on site quickly. We will work with those investigating this event to help understand what happened and why and to support our team members affected by this tragic accident.”

The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) said in a statement that it was notified of the incident, which occurred at 700 Cardinal Way Road, on Wednesday. A TOSHA investigator is currently onsite reviewing the circumstances that led to the worker’s death.

“During the investigative process, TOSHA typically surveys the location of the incident, reviews company records and procedures, and then will conduct interviews with management and employees,” TOSHA says, noting that fatality investigations can take between eight and ten weeks to complete. “To ensure the integrity of the investigation, TOSHA does not release any preliminary information regarding the incident. When the investigation is final, the report detailing the agency’s findings is open for review by the citizens of Tennessee.”

Jamie Miller, Emergency Management Agency director for Hawkins County, adds that the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office will head the investigation alongside TOSHA. He says both agencies are set to issue reports on the incident, though the timeline for the release of that information is not set in stone.

“Our office has been told, as far as TOSHA, that their report could take [months] to be completed,” Miller says. “That’s what we’ve been told so far for their investigation.”

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