GlassBuild America 2022 has more than a little bit of everything thanks to more than 400 exhibitors taking to the Las Vegas Convention Center. From checking out new products, innovative software, accessories and more, show-goers will continue making their rounds for the event’s final day on Thursday, October 20.

NovaFlex is Novagard’s “Qwik-Set” portable adhesive and glazing sealant.

Novagard is highlighting its “Qwik-Set” portable adhesive and glazing sealant dubbed NovaFlex, a product with a 2 to 1 mixed ratio by volume. Julio Atenco-Sanchez of Ohio’s Novagard says the sealant allows for fast curing capabilities to the tune of 30 PSI in 20 minutes.

“That gives you faster processing on glazing units,” he says. “It speeds up your process if you don’t have to do any staging, and your quality checks are going to be a lot faster because you can check adhesion in a couple hours instead of waiting days. It speeds up the manufacturing process, for sure.”

The portable product comes in cartridge form and fits with pneumatic or battery-operated guns, which also means users can perform repairs in the field.

“You can just use this product at the manufacturing site to glaze your units, but also you can use the same product to do on-field repairs,” he says.

Exterior door manufacturer and components supplier RSL Inc., of New Jersey, is focusing on delivering contemporary designs with high privacy and light transmission at a lower price for homeowners.

“That’s why our catalog now contains over 50% contemporary designs, we never used to do that,” says Ron Lewkowitz. “The change has been rather dramatic and now it’s coming quicker.”
Products offering security and storm safety are hot-ticket items for RSL. While Lewkowitz applauded competitors for their offerings, he says RSL has an advantage in that it offers some products that others do not.

“We have a flat-profile frame that is contemporary and lower priced,” he says. “We can make that product at a reasonable cost and we’re succeeding at both design and the price.”

Endura Products drew visitors to its booth by highlighting a number of products at GlassBuild 2022.

Endura Products highlighted a number of products at GlassBuild this year, including its Fusion Frame.

“It’s our take on a non-rot, maintenance-free jamb,” says Travis Price of Endura. “It has a lot of stuff that we’re proud of in how it installs faster, gives a cleaner look and seals all the fasteners.”

New for Endura this year is the Panel Lock, which Price says “revolutionizes” multi-point locks.

“It takes off-the-shelf hardware and is much more conducive to being included in more doors,” he says. “We’re also talking about Adaptive, which is the first ADA seal to get a water rating.”

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