The Well Living Lab has announced that it is partnering with Alliance member Marvin, a Minnesota-based, family-owned and -led company known for its window and door manufacturing, to develop a Well Living Lab test home. Well Living Lab says its scientists will utilize the new research space to conduct high-impact research, focusing on pre-retirement populations and studying first-of-its-kind indoor environmental interventions and related health outcomes.

“With many older adults seeking to remain in their homes as they age, this is an exciting opportunity to work toward our vision of creating the ‘home of the future,’” said Dr. Bruce Johnson, Well Living Lab research director. “Optimizing the environment can result in a smart home that plays a pivotal role in tracking and improving health as we age.”

The Well Living Lab’s mission is to advance health and well-being through science-based solutions that improve how we live, work, learn, and play.

“Technological advancements have made possible the concept of a smart and connected home that adjusts the indoor environment to promote health and well-being for its occupants,” said Barbara Spurrier, Well Living Lab executive director. “By collaborating with Marvin to make our test home a reality and extend our studies beyond the walls of the Lab into an actual home environment, we can build on our research to better apply our discoveries in ways that benefit everyone.”

As a Well Living Lab Alliance Sustaining Member, Marvin is one of more than 20 organizations supporting scientific advancement to generate evidence-based findings that can be used in practical ways for societal benefit.

“We believe there is much to learn about our behaviors and corresponding opportunities for well-being in the home, and this is a significant opportunity to identify solutions that can help us live better,” said Christine Marvin, Marvin chief marketing and experience officer. “Gathering real data about how people feel in their homes – along with the impacts of light, air, and views in a space – is exciting as we explore expansive innovation in residential design.”

The Well Living Lab Test Home: A Marvin Collaboration is anticipated to open in 2023 near downtown Rochester, Minn.

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