Promoted as “the largest annual gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries in the entire Western hemisphere,” GlassBuild America is expanding its reach further yet in 2022, while seeking to regain its footing following Covid-related setbacks. After a one-year hiatus and an attempt at digital venues in 2020, the show returned to an in-person format in 2021, dropping nearly 40% of its floorplan and nearly 30% of its attendees (compared to 2019). With 1,700 member companies in tow, the event now looks to regain its former glory— and then some—by co-locating with World Millwork Alliance (WMA). (See our separate show preview for WMA on p28.)

GlassBuild marks an annual gathering of minds for glass and glazing professionals. This year, they’ll have the opportunity to compare notes with companies and business leaders hailing from millwork, as the two join forces from Tuesday, October 18, through Wednesday, October 20, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Following is a look at products and events making their way to Vegas.

Events of Interest

GlassBuild Main Stage

Tuesday, October 18
1 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Economic Update, Connor Lokar, ITR Economics
2:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.
The Do’s and Don’ts of IG Fabrication,
Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance

Wednesday, October 19
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Women in Glass and Fenestration

Show Schedule

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Registration Open

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Registration Open
10 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Trade Show Open

9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Registration Open
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Trade Show Open


Booth #2010 – GED Integrated Solutions/Norfield

GED and Norfield are teaming up at this year’s show to make it all about speed. Norfield will display its 2400ASR and GED will show off the new CleanCut 1800 Series glass cutting table. The 2400ASR prepares three to four double strike jambs or four to five single strike jambs per minute. The CleanCut 1800 Series improves cutting optimization yields by an average of more than 5%, according to company information. The largest GED glass cutting table available takes full advantage of standard-size glass sheets processing, at 96 by 130 inches.

Booth #2035 – PDS IG Equipment

As door and window manufacturers and insulating glass producers work to figure out how they can meet the requirements of Energy Star 7.0, PDS will introduce them to its T17 insulating glass spacer at the show, along with an automated, single-spacer triple pane production line. Produced in the U.S., T17 is a flexible, stainless-steel spacer that officials say allows for best-in-class durability while also yielding one of the best thermal numbers in insulating glass.

The company has also launched an innovative system for fully automated production of single-spacer, triple-pane insulating glass units (IGUs), allowing users to manufacture economical, made-to-order triple pane IGUs that are lighter, thinner and more durable than other options. The system can produce high quality symmetrical and/or asymmetrical triple pane units with no added labor. Automation equipment is compatible with PDS’s double-pane platform, allowing for production of double- and triple-pane IGUs from the same line.

Booth #2049 – Advanced Screen Systems

Advanced Screen Systems plans to bring its Meshtec sliding patio screen doors to the show. It offers ventilation, security and pet-resistance. The product allows manufacturers to upgrade their customers’ orders from flimsy insect screens to screen doors designed to last a lifetime.

Security and pet-resistant entry screen doors are custom sized to OEM entry doors and are attached during the pre-hanging process to create what the company describes as “an industry-best fit and finish.” Attachment by door shops enables simple on-site setup for installers.

Booth #4032 – Winpro

As automation becomes an increasingly important part of the fenestration industry, Winpro will return to GlassBuild with the latest version of its Screen Express screen assembly machines. Designed to automate the manual process of spline insertion on window screens, Screen Express helps companies increase production with higher-quality products. The machine also reduces repetitive motion injuries experienced by workers in the window fabrication industry, while requiring minimal operator training. The end result is “a distinct competitive advantage,” company officials suggest.

Booth #5076 – Mecal USA Inc.

Mecal aims to prove that its MC312 Taurus is the fastest around. The enclosed 315-inch, five-axis machining center is designed for high-speed machining of aluminum, steel, brass, copper and PVC materials. According to company information, the Taurus is on average 30% faster than rivals and can be used in numerous applications, including doors, windows and curtain walls.

Officials say its machine has been used for everything from machining slots, pockets, holes, custom shapes and end slotting, to tapping, rigid tapping applications, drilling and flow drilling.

Booth #5110 – Elumatec North America Inc.

Elumatec will introduce its SBZ118 Profile Machining Center this year—a compact three-axis unit. The machine includes optional five-sided operation and ensures high productivity through precision, ergonomics and customizable equipment options, according to company information.

The SBZ118 combines the functionality of larger models with a highly compact design that, “makes [it] the perfect introduction to the world of CNC machining,” says Chris Nicholls, chief sales officer. With a machining length of three meters, it’s the most compact CNC machine in Elumatec’s range, yet offers full functionality for routing, drilling and notching. Automated CNC machining can be performed from up to five sides, with an optional angle head and end-milling machine. A side-mounted service door allows for easy set-up and maintenance.

Booth #5158 – Haffner Machinery

GlassBuild draws the latest automation and this year that includes the SAC-845 from Haffner, which automates the application of screen mesh to pre-assembled frames. The machine utilizes barcode scanning or direct ERP input for identification, then automatically applies the correct screen mesh and inserts the spline, before trimming excess mesh. The estimated cycle time for a 24-inch-by-36-inch window frame is approximately 35 seconds.

The unit includes a two-position screen mesh applicator to optimize utilization and handles a minimum frame size of 15 inches by 15 inches. Maximum frame size is 30 inches by 60 inches, but larger sizes are available upon demand. A larger SAC-855 model can accommodate 48-inch by 96-inch patio doors, as well as smaller window sizes.

Booth #5998 – American Renolit Corp.

American Renolit will showcase its latest film offerings, including Exofol FPX, a product that officials say is designed for great performance, price and availability. The product is available in all of the company’s top colors, including three blacks.

The company will also display its full range of realistic interior woodgrains and a high-performance MLA film that is great for lamination over wood products, resulting in a clean, white finish on items such as door jambs, windows, trim and jamb extensions. MLA is also paintable.

Exofol FX includes a 20-year warranty and is offered in a broad selection of residential and commercial finishes.

Booth #6064 – Vitro Architectural Glass

With vacuum insulating glass (VIG) gaining ground these days, Vitro aims to draw attention to VacuMax. The product integrates with any traditional—and even non-traditional—glazing system to produce R-values similar to solid walls, at R-14.

VacuMax VIG units consist of two lites of 4-millimeter-thick glass separated by a non-leaded proprietary metal seal and vacuum space. The product is slim and light enough to be incorporated into virtually any traditional glazing system, window frame or curtainwall application, according to company information. Tempered units can be used alone to replace single-pane glass, or as a substitute for the interior lite in any double- or triple-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU)—a method company officials describe as “hybrid IGU.”

Booth #6136 – A+W Software

Barcode scanners are an indispensable tool for door and window manufacturers, but smartphones and smart devices are playing an increasingly important role. When equipped with the A+W Smart Companion app for the A+W Cantor software solution, smartphone  cameras allow barcodes to be scanned directly and can be used to access additional information. According to company information, the app supports materials management and requests, dynamic forms (the customer customizes their own scenarios in production) and increases digitalization. The intuitive user interface also requires no training,
helping save time and money.

Booth #7076 – Novagard

With NovaFlex Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant, Novagard suggests you can speed up production, both in the factory and the field. The sealant is its fastest two-part glazing silicone to date, which rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength while bedding or glazing glass, allowing you to move assemblies within minutes without silicone transfer or glass shifting. NovaFlex Qwik-Set is currently available in a portable format designed for hand glazing, field glazing and field installations where glazing tables aren’t an option. Available in a convenient, fixed two-to-one ratio dual cartridge, the product can be easily applied with a portable pneumatic or battery-powered gun.

Booth #7165 – Blink Blinds + Glass (ODL)

After more than 20 years “perfecting blinds between glass,” officials for ODL say they’re planning to bring the company’s full family of products to GlassBuild. But the company isn’t resting on its laurels. “We are driven to continue innovating for our customers, end users and for ourselves,” a company representative declares. Products on display will include 1-inch and 7/8-inch applications. The company is also previewing an upcoming product launch, declaring, “It’s going to be big!”

Booth #8004 – Deceuninck North America

Deceuninck’s booth will feature high performance products this year, including its 326 Series window system and the Innergy AP range of

The 326 Series is available in a range of standard or laminate colors and is designed for light commercial and high-end residential applications. The
integrated family of windows includes casement, awning, picture, side-load single-hung, and single-slider configurations—each of which is designed for enhanced thermal performance and a DP50 baseline.

Innergy AP includes a range of products designed to significantly enhance the thermal performance and structural strength of curtainwalls and
windows, including pressure plates, structural thermal struts and reinforcements. According to the company, Innergy AP products are 900 times more energy efficient than aluminum.

Booth #8029 – AmesburyTruth

AmesburyTruth is spreading the news about expanded capacity for die cast, injection molding and seals production. The company will also share
info on a new roll-forming technology and a website that allows customers to search its full portfolio.

Attendees will also get a look at Pinnacle, a new block-and-tackle balance design that removes reliance on the jamb pocket for lock-up, creating
a more reliable balance system. Pinnacle features a pawl lock, a universally mounted clip, an integrated t-lock, and direct pivot-bar engagement.

Other products on display will include Q-Lon, an entry door seal that’s known for its soft compression and superior recovery, and Keystone, an
optimized entry level sliding patio door that includes a handle set and six rollers.

Booth #8124 – Akotherm

Billed as a “state of the art” aluminum window, Akotherm’s AT 740 offers burglar resistance up to RC3, sound protection and insulation that
complies with the latest EnEV (a German ordinance on energy saving in buildings)—including with double-pane glazing. Styles include hidden vent and outward opening casements.

AT 740 windows allow for standard parts, tools and accessories, which officials say reduce costs and save time by improving fabrication times and adding value optimizations to ensure cost efficiency.

Booth #9044 – Glazelock Inc.

Glazelock Shims Inc. plans to show door and window installers how its pre-scored shims are easier to break off than traditional wood shims.
Officials say its shims eliminate the need to cut or score and offer an inexpensive option.

Glazelock has manufactured structural plastic shims since 1997, with the goal of developing shims that reduce material and labor costs, while being secure and stable.

Booth #10078 – Anthony Innovations

Those looking for heavyweight performance will want to swing by Anthony Innovations’ booth. The company’s 9000 Series rollers keep even the biggest, heaviest door panels moving.

The product accommodates panel loads up to 800 lbs. Wheels are available in stainless steel or CNC-machined polymer material, which officials say are just as reliable, but more affordable and durable, while offering quieter operation.

Customizable mounting tabs and spacers make it easy to adapt existing systems or upgrade from the company’s 8000 Series.

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