Masonite Corporation notified the Indiana Department of Workforce Development on Wednesday, Sept. 28 that it would eliminate “at least” 33% of the 220 jobs at its facility in Walkerton, Indiana over a 30-day period.

Masonite senior corporate attorney Donald Tyler wrote in the notification that 74 to 84 jobs would be affected. Those jobs will be eliminated over a 30-day period starting Wednesday.

“We expect the employment loss at the Walkerton facility to be permanent,” the notification continues. “The reduction in force is the result of changing business needs in the region. Masonite will continue to employ all workers at the Walkerton facility through at least Nov. 27, 2022.”

Affected employees are not represented by a union, according to the notification, nor are there bumping rights. Bumping rights speak to the ability of a senior employee to accept a position occupied by another, junior employee.

All affected employees received notification of the “mass layoff.” Jobs titles affected by the layoff, as well as the number of employees affected, are as follows:

Job Title No. of Employees Affected
Bifold 3
Skin Flip 10
Straightener 1
Wrapper 1
Repair 1
Cart Loader 1
Layup – Build/Press 28
Saw – Feed/Catch 9
Painter 3
Forklift Cat-3 5
Forklift Cat-4 4
Quality Tech 1
Writer 1
Saw Operator Cat-4 1
Saw Operator Cat-5 4
Team Leads 1
Total 74

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