Marvin has announced that company president Darrin Peterson was recognized as the winner of the 2022 Vistage Impact Award in Minneapolis. The award celebrates the achievements of the peer mentoring organization’s new members who create a lasting impact on their company, the Vistage group and community. A Vistage member since 2020, Peterson has contributed to Marvin’s company growth and has prioritized supplier, customer and employee relations throughout his three-decade tenure at Marvin.

Peterson first started as an 18-year-old mowing the lawn at Marvin before attending college and then joining the company full-time. He learned the business from the third generation of Marvin family members, and now works with fourth generation leadership, including current CEO Paul Marvin. The company says Peterson achieved his current leadership position by putting people and relationships first.

“Darrin has shown exemplary leadership during his time at Marvin,” said Paul Marvin. “He is known for his ability to bring people together in pursuit of a common goal, which has led to recent successes from helping Marvin weather supply chain issues to addressing the labor shortage to implementing innovative ways to ensure Marvin is a great place to work. Likewise, Darrin has excelled during his first 18 months with Vistage by epitomizing attributes of an ideal team player while leading the largest company in his Vistage group.”

Peterson joined Vistage to broaden his leadership perspective and to become part of a leadership group in which he could share ideas and receive candid feedback from other CEOs.

“Darrin epitomizes our Vistage core values of growth, challenge, caring, and trust,” said Brian Davis, Vistage chair. “He is deeply respected by all of his CEO peers for the value he brings to the group and his commitment to learning and growing himself and his company. Through his example, he raises the bar for all of us to become better leaders, and for me to become a better chair. We are so blessed to have him as part of our group.”

“My time as a Vistage member has provided invaluable opportunities to consult with peers of large companies spanning many industries and it is an honor to receive the 2022 Vistage Impact Award,” said Peterson. “My Vistage group has been an integral support system over the last 18 months, and I am proud to continue leading and growing alongside the other members, as well as in my role at Marvin.”

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