A New Take on Copper

Copper is an age-old choice for some building products—mostly for its durability and aesthetics. But those benefits often come with a few downsides, such as staining, run-off and incompatibility with other metals. Real copper is also expensive. Officials for Linetec say the company’s Copper Anodize finish mimics the look of real copper, but won’t stain adjacent building materials with salt run-off or patina over time. Compared with actual copper, anodized aluminum is also one-third of the weight and considerably less expensive, according to company information.

Linetec’s finish is created via an eco-friendly, three-step electrolytic coloring process, and the material meets AAMA 611 Class I industry specification standards. It’s designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, weather, UV exposure and salt spray, as well as exceptional wear in high-traffic environments. Introduced in 2005, officials say the product has proven
itself in south Florida for nearly 20 years with no significant change to color or gloss.


At Home in Production or as Workstations

With the 2400ASR Auto Double-Prep Strike Router, Norfield answered the call for increased speed. The latest in a family of products manufactured for interior and exterior doors, the 2400ASR machines strike jambs and ball catch head jambs on residential doors. The machine prepares a double strike jamb every three to four minutes, or a single strike jamb every four to five minutes.

Due to its high-speed cycles, the unit can be included in the production line or as an independent, high-volume workstation. It machines flat single or double rabbeted and split jambs, and the strike plate can have a full lip, no lip, or a T-strike. It also provides machining for double full lip for a ball catch.

The 2400ASR can accommodate a strike plate from ½-inch to 8 inches in size, and the system can hold 70-inch to 96-inch jambs, with widths of 2-½ inches to 10-½ inches. Jamb thickness can be 3/8-inch to 1-½ inches. The system features an intuitive, graphical touchscreen that enables quick selection of functions, and a high-frequency router motor is designed to be quiet, durable, and long-lasting. The heavy steel enclosure and double hand sensors keeps the operator’s hands away from moving parts.


Powered Up and Connected

As doors find their place among connected home features, Masonite moved the ball forward this year with M-Pwr Smart Doors—the first to integrate power, lights, a video doorbell and a smart lock into door systems.

M-Pwr Smart Doors employ a patent-pending, Underwriters Laboratories-certified technology to connect residential exterior doors to a home’s electrical system and Wi-Fi. To ensure they’re always on, an emergency back-up battery can sustain system power up to 24 hours. A smartphone app enables homeowners to remotely program and control motion-activated
LED welcome lighting, as well as confirm whether doors are open or closed. The feature is offered on premium fiberglass doors.

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