FlexScreen recently announced its partnership with Erdman Automation from Princeton, Minn. Erdman has created an exclusive, automated, high-efficiency line that FlexScreen says allows window manufacturers to produce FlexScreen for less than they can make standard aluminum window screens. The partnership marks the first time FlexScreen’s will license its technology to others that want to manufacture the product.

“Since I first introduced the FlexScreen prototype, window manufacturers have shown great interest in making it themselves. Now, with the help of Erdman Automation, arguably the largest, most cutting-edge equipment manufacturing company in the window industry, we’re excited to finally make that option a reality,” said Joe Altieri, FlexScreen inventor and CEO. “We will remain and continue to expand our own manufacturing footprint for those companies that want to continue to outsource. We’re here for both.”

Morgan Donohue, owner and president of Erdman Automation Corp., said of the partnership, “We’ve put our best engineers and mechanical technicians to the test, and they delivered. This state-of-the-art, ergonomic manufacturing solution will increase productivity, decrease costs, and make manufacturing FlexScreen available to window manufacturers for the first time. FlexScreen has a lot of advantages over aluminum screens, and now producing better window screens in volume becomes safer and faster with fewer employees.”

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