Ron Harenberg put an exclamation point on a nearly 70-year career last week, by retiring from his post as vice president of Great Lakes Fasteners (GLF).

Kevin Weidinger, president and CEO of GLF, and Ron Harenberg, who is retiring as vice president of the company.

Harenberg was born in 1933 in Johnstown, Pa., and graduated from West Technical High School. He attended Fenn College, now Cleveland State, studying business and accounting.

His professional career began in 1952 with Lamson & Sessions, a fasteners manufacturer dating back to 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio. Harenberg started in the mail room and was also tasked with making bank deposits via streetcar. Over the eighteen years at Lamson, Harenberg was promoted many times, obtaining a “360 view” of the fastener business, though he also served his country in the U.S. Army from 1956-58. When he was asked to lead the consumer sales department, Harenberg, who loves people, found his calling: working with customers and business development.

Ron Harenberg retires from the fastener industry after nearly 70 years.

Harenberg left Lamson & Sessions in 1970 and started his own company, The Fastener House. Teaming up with R.G Patterson and Joseph Taddie out of Cleveland, the trio grew The Fastener House to sixteen locations. In 1979, Harenberg became the owner/operator of Mid-Ohio Bolt & Nut and after the acquisition stayed on and took the position of sales manager.

In 1991 Harenberg joined the sales team at GLF to focus on door and window manufacturers, where he served some of the largest companies for more than 45 years.

Harenberg was married to Mamie for 59 years, until her passing in 2018. He is a proud father of two sons, Jim and Scott, and many grandchildren. A lifelong Ohio State fan, he will be 89 this December and those close to him say one thing has never changed: Harenberg still loves people.

Officials for GLF say the company’s employees offer Harenberg their thanks and congratulations for being “that steady beacon in our business” and say he will always be a legend in Fasteners.

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  1. I was honored to work with Ron at Lamson & Sessions, and babysitting for Ron and Mamie’s boys, before beginning my career at American Airlines. I am so happy to know he flourished in the Fastener business. I still dream of 01-02-01 and 01-08-01, draw, anneal, draw! He was a great Boss, along with Hank Murphy!

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