The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) announced the opening of its NAHB Awards Program, which highlights the best and brightest from the residential construction industry across a variety of categories.

Applications are now open across 15 categories, including:

  • Builders Mutual Safety Award for Excellence, the home building industry’s only award recognizing professionals who have made successful efforts to advance safety in the industry;
  • Global Innovation Awards, recognizing the most cutting-edge, advanced and original products, services, buildings and communities from around the world;
  • Leading Suppliers Spark Award, recognizing the most innovative Leading Suppliers Council member of the year;
  • Professional Women in Building (PWB) Awards, recognizing women in the industry and local PWB councils for outstanding programs, services and contributions to the industry; and
  • Remodeling Awards, honoring individuals and local remodelers councils for outstanding projects and service to the industry.
  • Interested applicants can submit projects, products, companies and individuals for consideration at

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