Metrie®, North American manufacturer and distributor of millwork solutions, recently announced that it has completed its acquisition of Tinder Wholesale, a two-step distributor of interior and exterior millwork. Alongside the purchase of EL & EL Wood Products Corp. in April 2022, and Pacific MDF Products Inc. and Canadian MDF Products Company in December 2020, the acquisition of Tinder is Metrie’s third acquisition within 18 months.

“Metrie continues to grow – with this acquisition, in our important US Atlantic region,” said Kent Bowie, president and CEO, Metrie. “We believe Metrie has the most robust, integrated supply chain in the North American millwork industry, with a combination of internal manufacturing capability complemented by key partnerships with global leaders. The Tinder acquisition enables us to offer our existing – and new – Atlantic customers more innovative product and supply chain solutions. This is an exciting opportunity for us to provide an even better customer experience in the East. Thank you to Mick Tinder and his team for believing in Metrie to continue their customer service excellence. The Metrie team is actively looking for other millwork-focused businesses that are exploring exit opportunities.”

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