Guardian Glass cites extreme volatility in raw material costs, supply chain disruptions and industry conditions in a letter to its U.S. and Canadian customers announcing price increases on all shipments starting next week. It also announced its energy, transportation and silver surcharges will now undergo monthly adjustments.

“The global situation facing all of us has created unprecedented pressure on our business,” said executive vice president of the Americas Rick Zoulek and Lance Altizer, vice president of sales in the Americas, in a joint letter issued June 10. “Therefore, based upon ongoing extreme volatility in raw material costs, supply chain disruptions and current industry conditions, Guardian Glass will implement a price increase effective on all shipments starting June 20, 2022.”
Residential customers will be most affected by a 20% increase for coated ClimaGuard and laminated glass.

“The changes to glass prices will enable future investments in our business and enable us to maintain our position as a premier supplier to the glass industry,” said the letter.

Changes in glass prices weren’t the only announcement in the correspondence. The letter also notes that energy, transportation and silver surcharges will move to monthly adjustments. Surcharges, effective July 1, will be recalculated based on second quarter costs of raw materials. Monthly adjustments start on August 1, 2022.

The letter notes that Guardian sales representatives will be in contact with customers within a week to provide additional information and answer questions.

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  1. this sounds like a major play to weed out the Mom and Pop shops that have carried this country on our backs. this is just what the poultry, pork, beef and grain suppliers did. now they control the major food sources and prices.

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