The Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) kicked off its 2022 Virtual Summer Conference this week by addressing goals for the future and how to achieve them. Janice Yglesias, FGIA executive director, said four focus areas will bring changes for alliance events and efforts in the future.

The board, using input from the past year, recently reaffirmed the organization’s mission and vision. However, they are re-evaluating the ways those goals are approached and measured for success.

Janice Yglesias, Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) executive director, helps kick off the 2022 FGIA Virtual Summer Conference by addressing future areas of focus for the organization.

Yglesias says the four topics identified by the board include events and conferences; FGIA as a leader; education programs; and research projects. Each of those focus areas also comes with what Yglesias calls “overarching, guiding principles” that will be used to develop operational plans.

With respect to events and conferences, Yglesias says there will be a new focus on industry-related technical content and engaging learning experiences.

“Future conferences will be re-strategized to allow adequate time for advancing the technical work of the association while addressing broader industry issues with less emphasis on topics not directly related to the technical aspects of our industry,” Yglesias says. She added that agendas will be designed for active participation with schedules organized around alliance initiatives.

Future event planning will center on incentivizing and maximizing the value of in-person attendance, though hybrid options will remain available. Additional goals include blending desirable resorts with accessible sites for events and conferences, and encouraging spouses and families to attend.

In an effort to establish itself as the industry leader for technical expertise, Yglesias says FGIA will expand its network of partnerships and grow the population of organizations, agencies and influential industry entities seeking collaboration.

“Reinforcing FGIA as a credible expert operating with integrity will support recognition of us as a desired and valuable partner,” Yglesias says.

FGIA also intends to connect more industry professionals with educational resources through elevated promotion and outreach. The content focus will remain technical, but will soon include material focused on the benefits of utilizing glass and fenestration.

“This next step will initiate a focus on adding material that communicates the value of these products to our downstream audiences,” Yglesias says. “One of the strategies for attracting broader engagement in these programs is delivering the content through a modern platform, utilizing video and interactive exercises to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences.”

Research remains a focus area for FGIA. Updated goals, however, include the design of a more formal infrastructure that will support project funding, solicitation and visibility among membership. The organization may also look to enhance its donation system that supports such projects.

“This renewed emphasis will support the position of our organization to be forward-thinking and innovative in our approach to product performance,” Yglesias says.

The FGIA management team will meet next week to set strategies and timelines for operational plans, with additional updates expected in September 2022. The FGIA 2022 Virtual Summer Conference continues Wednesday, June 8 and Thursday, June 9.

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