With labor shortages and supply chain issues hanging over the industry, it’s a tough time to innovate. Not every new product has to represent the next big thing. Instead, manufacturers focus on rolling out improvements. Whether it’s better performance and longevity or more design options, following is a look at what 2022 has to offer.


When it comes to hardware, some of the latest developments focus on adding strength and durability. As the popularity of oversized doors continues, manufacturers continue to introduce more heavy-duty options.

Taming the Biggest Beasts

For heavy architectural doors and windows, it’s important to have a roller that can not only handle the weight but keep panels rolling with little resistance. The new 9000 Series rollers from Anthony Innovations accommodate panels up to 800 lbs. in weight and keep them moving via a single-bogie carriage for balanced load distribution, and stainless steel rollers or CNC-machined polymer rollers for more affordable, durable and quieter operation.

Dubbed the “big smoothie,” the company’s new 1000 Quad Series rollers include four wheels and a dual-layer bogie system to turn “even the largest panels into a total pushover.”

By evenly distributing the load across all wheels via the dual-layer bogie system, the 1000 Quad Series guarantees smooth operation for panel loads up to 880 lbs. in weight.


Smaller and Stronger

Centor officials expect folding door manufacturers to be impressed with the company’s new TwinPoint Gen2 Lock. Though smaller in size, the product exhibits increased strength and provides both interior and exterior access on paneled folding doors. As a result, manufacturers can now improve their folding door performance and expand their offerings to include two-panel
folding systems as an option for traditional XO sliders.

The company also introduced the S2Gen2 Retractable Screen. With the same effortless operation and styling as the company’s S4 retractable screen, the S2Gen2 Retractable Screen provides the same benefits in a frame size that’s 30% smaller, making it a great option for single swing and French door systems, as well as XO sliders and windows. The S2Gen2 spans up to 157 inches wide and up to 157 inches tall.


Tighten Up

The new 292 Middle Lock from FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc. is designed to be installed where two multi-slide or lift-and-slide panels bypass each other. The product is 100% stainless steel and adjusts with an Allen wrench from a 0.433-inch gap to a 0.630-inch gap, which the company suggests is ideal for a 28-mm gap between door panels. The middle lock is mortised into a wood interlock and locks panels together, minimizing air and water penetration under severe conditions, for a stronger opening.


Updated Styles

Functional Fenestration Inc. introduced an updated patio door handle program this year, featuring new solid brass handles with easy assembly and patio, entry, and passage functions. Styles include the modern Miami, traditional Fontana, and sleek Botticelli, each in popular finishes, including flat black, oil-rubbed bronze, and PVD for corrosion-resistance. Handles are compatible with the company’s Winkhaus double-hook sliding door locks in 304 grade stainless steel, with anti-slam and adjustability features.


Tools and Machinery

With fewer people in the workforce and others returning to new positions, more products aim to make work easy. Whether it’s allowing for one-person operation or clearing space for additional machinery, a look at some of the latest options follows.

Protecting Backs and Walls

It isn’t every day that a new tool comes along designed for door installation. With persistent labor shortages, Door Stud might be one to check out.

According to the company’s founder, Door Stud revolutionizes the process for pre-hung doors or slab doors by allowing one person to perform hands-free installations. The product mobilizes doors, preventing them from resting against interior walls. In this way, Door Stud not only lifts the burden for installers, but also prevents damage to doors and walls while reducing risks of injury.

The product is made of durable steel and a Pro-Series model works for both residential and commercial doors. For those selling and installing heavier products, the Door Stud Heavy model accommodates doors up to 300 lbs.


It’s All About Branding

EDTM expanded its product offerings to now include carrying cases, window samples, meters, and other accessories. The company’s new Sales Kit Carrying Case is designed to grow alongside your business. Kits include a variety of locations to accommodate meters and other accessories and full-color, custom printing capabilities allow many of the companies tools to be individually branded. The incorporation of window frame components, corner cut window samples, and accessories into your sales presentation helps to create a dynamic and captivating environment, officials suggest.


Keeping It Compact

Winpro envisioned valuable floor space when developing the option for a new swing-arm-mounted operator station. While its Screen Express and Screen Express SS machines automate the process of spline insertion on door and window screens, an optional swing arm operator station is positioned so an operator has access while performing the required loading and unloading procedures for frames. Meanwhile, the new operator station offers all of the functionality of a pedestal unit while eliminating the need for additional floor space.

With the addition of a swing arm, the interconnect cable between the pedestal and the Screen Express machine was also eliminated. If the bar code scanning option is required, the Winpro Screen Express and Screen Express SS have been upgraded from the previous wired unit to wireless capabilities for both 1D and 2D scanning.


Quick and Safe

The latest machine by PDS IG Equipment proves that trimming interlayers can be safe, clean and fast— with just one operator.

The company’s new interlayer trimmer for post-autoclave application is an automated solution for eliminating excess interlayer from the perimeter of laminated glass. The machine incorporates edge-sensing technology and a double blade fed head assembly to allow a single operator to trim materials on any straight edge quickly, while a drop-down alignment device ensures clean edges. Eliminating hand-held blades and protective guarding make for safe operations.


Optimize Yields

GED expanded its CleanCut cutting and edge deletion systems to include two new models—the 1800 for cutting and 1800-D for cutting and deleting. According to company information, the CleanCut 1800 Series offers greater savings for operations by improving cutting optimization yields by an average of more than 5%. The largest GED glass cutting table available today takes full advantage of standard-size glass sheets processing, at 96 by 130 inches. The CleanCut 1800 Series includes all the cutting-edge technology of the 1700 Series (released in 2020).


Manufacturing and Production

These days, it’s all about keeping up with demand. Whether it’s routing or adding protection before shipping, following are two options to help keep things moving swiftly and easily for door manufacturers.

Quick and Easy

Ideal Door Components, maker of Chick’s Door Plugs, introduced a new jamb protector. Offered as the JP45 or JP65 (4-1/2-inch and 6-1/2-inch sizes), the new product protects the bottom and corners of jambs during shipping. Two quick staples make packaging fast, cutting down on production time, and beveled edges mean doors slide easily around the shop floor.


Ready to Move in Minutes

When it comes to glazing, the quicker the set the more units can be produced in a given period. QwikSet Glazing Sealant from NovaFlex is the company’s fastest two-part glazing silicone. The product allows for movement of assemblies within minutes of application without silicone transfer or glass shifting.

Quik-Set is a 100% silicone, neutral cure sealant that rapidly builds adhesive and elastomeric strength for bedding and glazing of glass in residential and commercial window designs.



When it comes to what customers want, any salesperson will tell you: the bottom line almost always comes down to style. Following are three new products designed to improve the look of doors.

For a Specific Match

FrontLine Bldg. Products Inc. introduced stainable vinyl-wrapped aluminum SDL bars. The product features a woodgrain texture that’s designed to be non-descript, allowing for integration of multiples species, including Fir, Oak, Mahogany, Walnut and others.

The new product can be stained or painted and is temperature resistant to provide minimal expansion and contraction. Officials say it will not chip or crack, and is designed to be easy to assemble and install.


More Dazzling Designs

ODL Inc. introduced new decorative door glass options, including Celebration, Swirl, Timber, Mistify White, Dorian, and Ryder. Officials say the latest additions are designed to accentuate contemporary design tastes in fashion and interior design.

After a successful launch, the company’s Mistify product is back, this time in white. New designs include Celebration, which pushes the boundaries of decorative door glass with hand-crafted art pieces that undergo a glass fusion process for one-of-a-kind textures and designs, and Swirl, which is meant to be lively, but gentle, with flowing lines that swirl together to add privacy. A new Timber design includes simple lines that resemble “gently leaning trees,” while Dorian features crisp lines, soft textures, and interesting patterns. Last, but not least, Ryder is a highly stylized door glass that offers minimalist, geometric patterns and textures designed to bring style and privacy to front doors.


In or Out

Officials say Roto’s new Solid C concealed hinge provides impressive functionality and ease of processing. Made for inward and outward opening entrance doors, the product has been tested for over 400,000 cycles and can be used to build doors up to 280 lbs. in weight, with a maximum opening angle of 110 degrees, according to company information.

When it comes to fabrication, the product’s frame hinge and sash hinge are packaged separately. The newest update includes a height adjustment module for inward opening doors, including a slim design that’s tailored to the frame hinge to blend seamlessly into the appearance of a door. Solid C is available in black and silver finishes.


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