Power Home Remodeling (Power) hosted its fifth annual Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Summit in Atlanta, Ga., spearheaded by the company’s Cultural Diversity & Inclusion (CD&I) initiative. A post-event press release indicates more than 350 employees from 18 different territories across the country attended.

This year’s Summit theme focused on both individual and collective identity. The three-day event included interactive installations focused on self-reflection and identity, smaller group breakout sessions for relationship-building among employees, and a surprise headline speaker: comedian and political commentator Trevor Noah. The company says this year’s CD&I Summit was the largest to date and first one held outside of Power’s Chester, Pa., headquarters.

Power’s CD&I Initiative has hosted their Summit — a three-day event dedicated to providing shared knowledge and experiences amongst employees to create more inclusivity and equity within the business — since 2017. During the event, conversations are facilitated surrounding topics like race, sexual orientation, intersectionality, immigration, leadership development among the underrepresented population, allyship, and smaller, more intimate gatherings and sessions are held to cultivate more authentic connections with coworkers.

“As an organization that’s truly committed to diversity and inclusion, we can’t just talk the talk. Real progress and change only occur when action is taken,” said Olumidé Cole, Power’s director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion. “But action starts with education and awareness. Our annual CD&I Summit is just one way in which we’re instilling more awareness amongst our people, which is especially important in a world that’s so polarized. It’s a ripple effect. With awareness comes empathy, and with empathy comes real change and more meaningful connections — both inside and outside of Power’s walls.”

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