In 2022, most industry sales training programs are either too short, leading to immediate re-training or turnover, or too long, causing individuals to look elsewhere at jobs where they can earn more (and more quickly).

To maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team, there are seven areas you need to focus on, including:

1. Revamping your “on-boarding” strategy
It is critical to get your new hires out in the field as soon as possible, but this needs to be balanced with an approach that allows them to find success early on, increasing their confidence. Find ways to send two trainees together on their first few appointments.

2. Providing “Customer Satisfaction Selling”
Train early and often on the importance of presenting value in the “post-close.” Due to continuing material shortages, your representatives need to understand the importance of assuring new customers that they made a sound investment while presenting themselves as a trusted advisor who will be there for them until the project is complete.

3. Enforcing “lead leniency”
If you are an owner, understand that you paid for leads which can cost between $200-$800 depending upon your business model. Put safeguards in place that do not allow your representatives to control the lead for as long as they see fit. Monitor the progress of all your leads to ensure they are not being qualified during an appointment with prospects.

In the next blog posting, we will share the next four keys to developing a modern training program that maximizes your efficiency and the production of your sales personnel.

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