I am not sure how this has happened already, but the official start of hurricane season (June 1st) is right around the corner. This week happens to be ‘Hurricane Awareness/Readiness Week.’ And although folks living in coastal areas pay closer attention, hurricanes can have far-reaching effects to many of us that live inland.

Depending on which forecast you follow, most everyone agrees to an ‘above average’ hurricane season. Anywhere from 16-19 hurricanes are predicted this year. David Dilley, whose forecasts have been extremely accurate over the years, predicts that three hurricanes will make landfall in the United States, with two of them being ‘major’ hurricanes.

What do hurricanes have to do with windows?

Having hurricane-rated windows is extremely important for safety and often are a requirement to get homeowners’ insurance depending on where you live. Additionally, what seems to be like a broken record, the PVB interlayer that is needed to manufacture laminated glass (which makes up hurricane windows) is in short supply. The lead time for hurricane-rated windows has stretched out further than I have ever seen in my 30 + years of being in the business. It is now the norm for hurricane windows to have a lead time of 20+ weeks.

Hurricane windows are often the first line of defense when this extreme weather hits the coast. The PVB interlayer offers significant protection against flying debris and can ‘flex’ during these powerful storms.

Typically, these storms force power outages so simple things become difficult. For example, if your car is in the garage and you have an automatic garage opener, make sure you understand how to operate the manual rope to get the door open and get your car out.

Hurricane Windows can be used as an exit point for the house, and often they are used for getting out of the house fast. This is why they work better than boarding up the windows and doors with plywood, as they provide homeowners an exit point if they decide to ‘ride out the storm.’

I have also been reminded that although category 1 hurricanes are the least powerful hurricane, these storms still can have devasting effects with flooding, storm surges, tornadoes, and a wide path of destruction.

The bottom line is this, if you are in a coastal area, protect your house and your property. Hurricane windows aren’t the only option but, in my opinion, they are one of the best. They offer hurricane protection, safety, security, solar protection and energy savings.

Let’s hope for a safe and uneventful hurricane season!

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