Due to the labor shortage, many industry companies tend to hire based on need, when they should instead focus on hiring the individual who is the best “fit.” Some are so desperate to hire, that they ignore warning signs and resume indicators such as the number of positions a candidate has held in the past few years.

Yes, you need to value new hires as you would new leads, but you also need to assess whether an individual is the right “fit” and challenge them during the in-person interview.
Here are several keys to an effective in-person interview:

  • Test their research. What do they know about your company? Look for specifics and not generic information that could be found anywhere.
  • Pay attention to their questions which may reveal blind spots and red flags.
  • Be direct and challenge any inconsistencies they present.
  • Sound cordial yet selective without condescension.
  • Ask questions that explore their work ethic, motivation level, dependability, manageability, and willingness to adhere to your system.
  • Be realistic with them about job stressors (i.e., repetition, physical demands, unpredictability, etc.) How do they respond to stress?
  • How do they handle disappointment? Seek examples of how it has motivated them in the past.
  • Disarm them; keep them off-balance. How do they react when you “take away” the job opportunity during the interview?
  • Can you make them nervous or wear them out? How do they handle silence?
  • Do not be anxious about scheduling a second in-person interview.
  • Remember, if you want to hire an individual more than they want to work for your company, you will end up working for them.

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