Everyone has their own selling style, and every company has its own selling methodology. Whether it be a 10-step selling system or a more laid-back style, everyone has their own system. Over the years, I have found that it is important to commit to your style and build in your personality to your selling approach. Blending your personality and your selling style will give your customers a unique window into you and hopefully make them more comfortable in doing business with you.

The “old” method of being mechanical in your selling approach has evolved into sharing your personality with your customer. Whether you call it a ‘warm up’ or selling with your personality, as my old friend Jeffrey Gitomer says “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” Make sure you are creating an environment for your potential customers to buy on their terms. Sometimes this may mean letting folks know you cannot help them or your company just is not the right fit. And in doing so, you may add some value by referring them to a company that can or is a better fit.

All of this said, believe it or not, the first quarter is coming to a close – already! The first three months have already been filled with some ups and downs, but now is the time to do your first check on your yearly goals. Are you on pace to hit them? If you are behind, what can you tweak to get back on track? Goals are very important for your psyche and if you do not have them, make sure you take some time to ‘write’ them down physically. Keep them displayed so you can see them every day. Share them with different co-workers and friends – this helps you stay committed to them.

I have had the good fortune to work with many top salespeople and one difference I see with their success is they write down their goals. They have them on display for themselves every day – whether it is on the bathroom mirror or the visor in the car, they have access to their goals every day. Having no goals is akin to taking a trip and not having a ‘road map’ for getting there.

As I wrap up, I am reminded of my last blog, “If it Isn’t This, It’s Going to be Something!” We are seeing this now with what is happening in Ukraine, we are seeing this with rising prices on just about everything. As I said before, how you frame this issues in your mind, will determine how successful you are in sales and in life!

Great Selling!

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  1. Thanks for the insight Ty, as always both helpful and interesting!

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