Patrick Heninger

Milgard Windows & Doors’ Patrick Heninger, a team member since 1999, was recently promoted to plant manager at the company’s Simi Valley facility.

Joining the company as a temporary worker more than 20 years ago, Heninger became a permanent team member and was promoted numerous times over the years, according to the company. His role as plant manager has him overseeing nearly 400 team members.

Heninger says he enjoys meeting new hires on their first day. After welcoming them and stressing the importance of safety, he tells them about his career path at Milgard and how they can strive to succeed.

“You have an opportunity to grow here,” he tells them. “The sky’s the limit!”

Heninger began as a file clerk before moving to screen expediter. From there he worked in purchasing and was a senior buyer before advancing to supervisor.

“I tried to do the best I could no matter what I was doing,” Heninger says in describing how he rose through the ranks. “And the opportunities came to me.”

Along the way, Heninger aided his career journey by studying at the University of Phoenix. Using Milgard’s tuition-reimbursement program, he earned his bachelor’s degree in business management.

“Every class featured group projects,” he says. “Trying to get a project done when everyone has different ideas was super impactful. Those classes were on point in terms of what I do every day with team member collaboration. They taught me a lot.”

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