A frequent misstep we see when working with home improvement and remodeling companies is the process they undertake when confirming sales appointments. While it is critical to have a defined process in setting the appointment, it is equally important to follow up prior to the appointment to remind them of your upcoming visit and reinforce the value you will provide.

Your appointment setters should confirm and document:

• The names of all homeowners, decision-makers, and/or relationship influencers.

• The dissatisfaction with their current product or service, their motivations, and any specific wants or needs.

• Specific design features, modifications, upgrades, or customizations they are seeking.

• Pertinent contact information such as name(s), the address, their mobile and/or home phone number, and the best email addresses to reach them. Train your appointment setters to repeat this information back to the prospect to avoid any errors.

Where a lot of companies drop the ball is immediately afterward. An email and/or text should be sent out as soon as the phone call ends. There are numerous add-on solutions that can automate this process for you.

When the time comes to remind your prospects of the appointment, lead with evidence of any previous conversations they have had with your company. Remind them of the specific date and time of your company’s visit. Re-affirm the value of the appointment, so they remember why they wanted you to come to their house in the first place. Finally, confirm the address, the first and last names of your prospects, and let them know that your representative will arrive 5-10 minutes early to provide the best possible service.

If your prospects attempt to reschedule or cancel the appointment, understand that frequently this is a “stalling tactic,” a misunderstanding of the service performed by your representative, a memory lapse, or an emotional response to issues that have nothing to do with your company. When this occurs, re-sell the appointment using the following steps:

1. Express your understanding and tell them that you are sorry they are canceling or rescheduling.

2. Let them know that you’ve canceled the appointment.

3. Ask them if they remember the specific reason(s) why they expressed interest in your company and visit.

4. Revisit their problems and pain points to re-sell the “Value of the Visit.”

Understand that cancellations are going to happen, however, your staff must be trained to properly re-set appointments to maximize your efficiency. While most businesses can improve their annual revenue without focusing on this process, it is challenging to sustain efficiency, growth, and net profit year after year.

Remember, while the set appointment is a high priority for you, your company, and your sales representative, the homeowner(s) likely has many other items that hold greater importance. The appointment reminder is not only valuable to them, but it also provides a higher likelihood of a complete presentation, and a subsequent sale.

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