Top Concerns and Challenges for Dealers

To say that attending the recent Home Improvement Profitability Summit was invigorating, eye opening, and timely is putting it mildly. The event is organized by Dave Yoho Associates, a leader in driving businesses to home improvement, remodeling, and home services. What better time to attend than early February, when we were finalizing [DWM]’s annual list of Top Door and Window Dealers (see page 22.)

As of this writing, I have published two stories from the conference, with four more on the way. Yes, it was that good. (Go to and type Home Improvement Profitability Summit into the search box to find them all.)

The things that struck me the most were from those who spoke—they provided good reminders for dealers of any size. These were the quotes that most resonated with me.

“We are in the toughest time I have ever seen in our industry … Things are more complex than ever before.”
—Dave Yoho, founder of Dave Yoho Associates

“There’s nothing more important we can do as leaders than recruit. You have to have a recruiting department. If I have too many reps it’s the better position to be in.”
—Adam Shampaine, CEO, Homefix Custom Remodeling

“You have to have delay language in your contracts as some companies are eight months behind. Inflation is out of control and people’s discretionary income is going to come down and they are going to cancel that job that’s been on the books for four months. It has to be in your contract.”
—DS Berenson, Esquire, Berenson LLP

“Do you hire out of need or want? I want better people in my company … We are going to  be dealing with less interested consumers and inflation running amok. You’re going to need better people to pull this off.”
—Mickey Madden, chief operating officer, Woodbridge Home Solutions

“Backlog is the biggest issue facing us that no one is talking about … You’re going to get to that backlog and its going to cost you money … The consumer will have less money.”
—Scott Berman, president, Florida Window and Door

“Enhance your customer experience. This has taken over price and product as the key brand differentiator.”
—Caleb Nelson, president/owner, Destination Motivation

“A downturn is coming. Get your financial house in order. The best time to ask the bank for money is when you don’t need it. When you are ready and your competitors aren’t is when you will gain market share.”
—Gordon Fairbanks, senior account executive, Dave Yoho Associates

You may think this is a lot, but it doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the great knowledge that was shared. Before ending this column, I’ll leave you with one last quote from Berman, who was one of five executives inducted during the event as an “Industry Legend,” along with Madden. These individuals are experts, so take advantage of their wisdom, including advice from Berman to not be complacent after experiencing such high demand in recent years.

“All of us have gotten spoiled and we have to be better,” he said. Lucky for us, these experts are sharing their advice for how to do just that.

Tara Taffera is the publisher of [DWM] magazine.

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