Andersen Corporation reports that its full-service window and door replacement division, Renewal by Andersen, was recently awarded a Manufacturing Excellence Award by Twin Cities Business for Workplace Culture.

“Our goal is to reflect and honor the diversity of our clients and staff, from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom, to ensure that employees of all ethnicities, genders, and generations are allowed the opportunity to thrive in the workplace,” says Jeremy Fossum, Renewal by Andersen’s vice president of composites and manufacturing.

Specifically, Renewal by Andersen was honored for its investment in creating a program for emerging, diverse leaders. Many who started in manufacturing went on to floor leadership positions, and ultimately supervisor or management roles. Today, 35% of Renewal by Andersen’s front-line leaders are people of color and 20% are women.

Another reason for the award is the company’s on-site language program called “English @ Work.” Developed for manufacturing employees, the program is facilitated through a local Adult Education Consortium and allows non-English speaking employees to learn English terms to help navigate and elevate work experience. The course is free and employees are paid for their time.

“These are tools that help folks build a career here,” Fossum says. “Diversity adds creativity to the workplace which will fuel our business into the future.”

Both large and small manufacturers from across Minnesota are considered for the Manufacturing Excellence Awards. Applicants are evaluated for their financial success, growth, innovation, and local impact on Minnesota.

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