Past Legends of the Home Improvement Industry, along with new inductees. (Seated, Dave Yoho)

Dave Yoho Associates presented its annual Legends of the Home Improvement Industry this week during the Home Improvement Profitability Summit (HIP) held in New Orleans. The recipients are nominated by their peers, and represent the leaders in home improvement, including door and window companies. This year’s recipients include: Scott Berman; founder/CEO, Florida Window and Door in Lake Worth, Fla.; Larry Closs, president, MAXHOME in New Orleans; Mickey Madden, chief operating officer, Woodbridge Home Solutions in McKinney, Texas; and Tim Musch, director of business development for MarketSharp in La Crosse, Wis. Amy Zimmerman, chief marketing officer for Tundraland, based in Wisconsin, received a Lifetime of Leadership Award.

Many of the speakers during the summit emphasized the importance of mentoring others, and how having a mentor was a key to their success. Madden spoke about this specifically when accepting his award.

“I had a great set of mentors,” he said. He also mentioned, however, that when he learned of his Legends status, he wondered if he really made a mark. The outpouring of support he received was his answer.

Amy Zimmerman (middle), after receiving her Lifetime Leadership Award.

“I received hundreds of texts, emails and calls from people—some of whom I haven’t seen in decades—telling me of the impact I made on them,” he said.

Zimmerman started her career at Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago where she worked for 16 years. Her career included four years at Hanson Windows and Doors as vice president of marketing, and now as CMO at Tundraland, where she started a women’s leadership group, among other initiatives. She thanked her bosses at those three companies, and urged her colleagues to “promote that superstar in your organization.”

She shared that she viewed being a woman in a male-dominated industry as an advantage “because I stuck out.” But, she also detailed some of the struggles, including being ignored when walking a trade show with her male CEOs.

“I started pointing it out to my bosses,” she said. “Then they started noticing it.”

Larry Closs, president of MAXHOME accepts his award.

She gave advice to those in the room.

“Call on women in meetings, then listen to what they have to say. Let them finish,” she said. “Have zero tolerance for sexism. Zero.”

Zimmerman pointed out that women make the decisions in the home, including purchasing decisions for doors and windows.

“Represent that in your leadership,” she said.

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