Andersen Corp. announced a strategic investment in Ubiquitous Energy, a developer of photovoltaic technology that converts light into electricity using semiconductor materials while maintaining visible transparency. Jay Lund, chairman and CEO of Andersen Corporation calls it “revolutionary and represents a new horizon for the fenestration industry.”

Ubiquitous Energy’s UE Power™ technology is a patented and transparent photovoltaic glass coating that the company says harnesses solar power to generate electricity, while remaining almost indistinguishable from traditional windows. The company further describes it as providing the same clear, natural experience that is expected from traditional windows, but with renewable energy generation that can be used for self-contained, on-board power and smart home functionality, or to offset energy consumption elsewhere. The company markets it as a complementary solar power asset that works within a portfolio of other renewable technologies for a larger, cumulative effect.

“As America’s premier window and patio door manufacturer, Andersen is excited to support the work of Ubiquitous Energy to bring solar power into homes and commercial buildings through windows and doors, creating new opportunities for energy efficiency, cost savings and smart home integrations that will both delight homeowners and contribute to a healthier planet,” said Lund.

According to the press release, Andersen’s investment in Ubiquitous Energy represents the company’s future-focused interest in advancing externally developed disruptive technology solutions that have the potential to elevate the industry in profound ways.

With Andersen’s investment, Ubiquitous Energy recently closed its Series B funding round from several strategic and financial investors, enabling the company to accelerate the manufacturing and commercialization of its UE Power technology.

“We are thrilled to bring on new and existing investors as partners, including ENEOS, a leader in the renewable energy sector, and Andersen, America’s premier window manufacturer,” said Susan Stone, Ubiquitous Energy’s CEO. “Since our technology’s inception at MIT and MSU over 10 years ago to now, looking towards the future, we are committed to making an enormous impact environmentally. This latest funding round will help expand what’s possible in a renewable energy portfolio and change the way the world utilizes solar power – one window at a time.”

While the news from Andersen is the first major announcement of the technology in the residential space, Ubiquitous Energy has been making inroads in the commercial market for a few years. ENEOS Holdings Inc. and Nippon Sheet Glass Co. Ltd. have begun Japan’s first installation of transparent solar panels for use as building windows. Another example is the installation of fully transparent, electricity-generating windows featured in a series of energy-efficient commercial office buildings in Boulder, Colo., from Morgan Creek Ventures.

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  1. This is really exciting news! I feel this is the future of the window industry. I am anxious to see what materializes from this development.

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