We have all wrapped up another successful year in business. Despite the lingering supply chain issues, there still seems to be solid momentum going into 2022 and most economists are forecasting growth for the foreseeable future.

Successful companies have already formulated their business plans the last quarter of the year. Although it is daunting to be looking up at zero revenue dollars as we start the year, you should have a solid performance plan to reach your company goals. This plan should not give you anxiety, it should have the opposite effect, calmness, and focus. A solid plan should give you a successful road map month in and month out – with built in detours (adjustments) to take if needed.

But you should also have your own personal plan with your own personal goals. If you want to sell $10 million, how are you going to get there? If you want to have a better work-family balance, what are you going to do to make that happen? If you want to focus on self-improvement, what things are you going to focus on?

My experience has shown me there is a fine line between success and mediocrity. One of the things I have noticed that successful people do is write down goals, have a plan to achieve them, and look at those goals every day. The more detailed the plan, the more chance of success.

And I understand the above takes thought, it takes time, and it takes work. It also sounds a bit corny. But guess what – corny works! It is one thing to make things happen with natural ability, it is another thing to harness that natural ability and supercharge your success. We all know plenty of people who had the natural ability but never were as successful as they should have been. For those of us without natural ability, we know we must work harder to even the playing field – planning is our way of making this happen!

Finally, I am not saying that writing down goals, and having a plan guarantees success. But I will tell you from 30 years of experience working with hundreds of salespeople, the great ones always had one thing in common, they wrote down their goals and always had a plan. On whether you should set goals or not, you just need to ask yourself…do you want to be successful or just mediocre?

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