Christine Marvin, formerly vice president of strategy and design at Marvin, has been appointed chief marketing and experience officer. A fourth-generation family member and longtime employee of the family-owned and -led fenestration company, Christine Marvin has worked and held leadership roles in sales, brand strategy and marketing communications, product management and the Marvin Design Lab since 2006. She is the first to fill this newly created position at Marvin.

Christine Marvin

“Christine has shown great leadership during her tenure at Marvin and is an exemplary fit for this new position given her acute understanding of the brand and her track record for success,” said Paul Marvin, CEO. “Christine is known for her ability to develop strong relationships, to cultivate high-performing teams and to provide enterprise strategy for growth while also helping orchestrate and unify the brand and offerings. She is stepping in during a pivotal time for the company and I look forward to her partnership as Marvin continues to grow.”

A press release states that over the last five years, Christine has immersed in the practice of human-centered design and innovation and will leverage that expertise to lead projects and programming that put people at the center in new ways.

“I am honored and inspired by the opportunity to serve Marvin in a new way,” Christine Marvin said. “It is a company I cherish with a special brand that I have been committed to for my professional career. Nothing ignites my passion or brings more fulfillment and a sense of dedication than leading the marketing team. Together with the broader organization and partners, I’m looking forward to bringing experiences and offerings to our customers that delight, deliver joy and contribute to an overall sense of well-being in the home.”

Christine also contributes her time to several causes and nonprofit organizations focused on community development and engagement, as well as advancement of youth in the sciences and arts. Most recently, Christine joined the WELL for Homes Advisory as a co-chair.

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